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May 19, 2020 1 Comment
Life in a Pandemic: What Should Normal Look Like?

Coronavirus Environmental Impacts There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the world in ways most of us never could have imagined. The loss of life, health and jobs has been unprecedented, and our former way of living is now just a fond memory for many. But as I’ve been viewing the world […]

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May 12, 2020 7 Comments
How to Switch Out Bad Eco Habits

Convenient Ways to Live More Sustainably Have you ever thought about how many daily habits are formed based purely on convenience, like grabbing a single-use water bottle instead of something more sustainable? Isn’t it interesting how once formed, these habits can become almost second nature to us? But habits born of convenience can sometimes put […]

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April 28, 2020 7 Comments
Spreading Love in a Time of Social Distancing

Heartfelt Ways to Show You Care I am grateful and honored to work for a company that was recently able to donate one million masks to help with the personal protection equipment (PPE) shortage through our “A Million Masks. A Million Thank Yous.” initiative. You can read more about it in the blog by one […]

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March 17, 2020 4 Comments
From Salty to Tasty! How to Make Ocean Water Drinkable Water

Addressing the Water Crisis World Water Day is just around the corner, on March 22—making now the perfect time to bring about some water awareness! Did you know that over 2.2 billion people (almost one-third of the global population) are without access to clean and safe drinking water? And that number is growing. Currently, just […]

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March 3, 2020 9 Comments
How to Safely Clean Your Refrigerator

No Need for Chemicals Is your refrigerator getting grungy? If you can’t remember when you last gave it a thorough cleansing, now may be a good time. The good news is you don’t need harmful chemicals! Here’s how. Begin by taking everything out. This is also a good opportunity to toss any food that’s expired […]

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February 18, 2020 9 Comments
Fake Flowers, Real Problems: A New Way to Help Bees!

Protecting the Pollinators In case you hadn’t heard, the bees are disappearing at an alarming rate! We’ve mentioned the impact that bees have on our ecosystem as a whole, but it’s an important topic that needs more attention. Without the bees, we wouldn’t have the food we need to survive. Thankfully, steps are being taken […]

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October 22, 2019 16 Comments
How to Stop Gross Gunk and Chemicals at the Door

Why I have a “no shoes” policy I recently enjoyed this GoodHousekeeping.com article by a kindred spirit who also embraces the practice of removing footwear at the front door. As I read it, I was reminded of several good reasons for joining her in declaring shoes “public enemy number one”—indoors, anyway. Shoes can track in […]

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August 20, 2019 8 Comments
What Is the “It” Tree of 2019?

5 Plants to Liven Up Any Décor I came across this blog about trendy houseplants the other day and couldn’t help but wonder: Really? Houseplants . . . ? Trendy? The idea intrigued me a little. I’ve never given much thought to houseplants, other than that they’re pretty and offer a welcome touch of green. […]

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August 13, 2019 1 Comment
Why Use Chemicals When You Can Use Wildflowers?

Coming Full Circle: Using Nature to Combat Pests The use of pesticides is a regular occurrence in the farming and agriculture industry. Chemicals are routinely applied to crops to prevent them from being attacked and eaten by insects. But while they are effective in controlling insects, some of these chemicals can also be problematic for […]

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July 16, 2019 5 Comments
You Can See the Air in Bangkok (and It’s Not Pretty)

Can Drones Help Thailand through the Haze? The capital of Thailand has a problem. Bangkok’s air pollution is bad—like really bad. In fact, the air quality is so poor there that many of its residents are now donning air-filtering face masks as part of their daily routine. It’s so bad that earlier this year a […]

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