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Amy Cadora Profile


Amy Cadora

Chief Brand and Mission Officer, Norwex



Amy is responsible for the marketing operations at Norwex, which include public relations, media, creative branding and product management. For more than 20 years, she’s led marketing and product development for the direct sales natural and organic industries—including international positions in Europe. Many of the products she’s created have been showcased in Oprah’s O List!

At Norwex, Amy combines her talent for selling products that promote natural and organic living with her desire to create a better quality of life and leave a lasting legacy of hope and happiness.


“The Norwex Purpose aligns perfectly with my own personal mission to make better choices about the products we use and the impact they have on the planet. I’m thrilled to bring that passion to work here at Norwex and excited about our future.”


amy2-229x300In 2013, Amy started the Norwex Movement website and maintains a weekly blog highlighting issues related to reducing chemicals in the environment, sustainability, recycling and healthy living. She loves spending time with her two children, two dogs Sparky and Waffles, being active outdoors and all things Star Wars.