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Norwex Australia and New Zealand – Making Small Changes for a Big Difference

Australia StaffTo help support our Mission and Purpose in Australia and New Zealand, we have instigated the Small Changes for a Big Difference program. We will strive to enact small changes in the public and our corporate Head Office employees’ everyday lives, contributing to making a big change in improving the health of our planet and our quality of life. We have been helping to make these small changes for our Consultants and their Customers, through both education, as well as offering products to help solve many of the issues that we are facing. In May 2015, we offered our Norwex Keep Cups at a discount to help reduce the number of non-recyclable coffee cups ending up in landfills around Australia and New Zealand annually. With five billion disposable coffee cups being manufactured globally every year, this is a huge form of waste, yet one we can easily reduce. This promotion was so successful that we sold out of Keep Cups not once, but twice during the month! We also aim to enact small changes here in our corporate office – simple things like giving all staff reusable Keep Cups and water bottles for their desks, setting up recycling stations around the office, participating in environmentally focused events such as Plant A Tree Day, and moving to more electronic systems so as to reduce the amount of paper used for printing. In July we stopped packaging a number of our smaller kits in plastic, including our Ditch The Plastic Kit, as this is another single-use piece that only ends up in a landfill once used. We are also working on greener ways to package our larger kits. These changes are the direct result of requests from our Consultants, and we look forward to implementing even more green initiatives in the future to help support our Purpose.