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Norwex Celebrates Earth Day!

earth_dayIn celebration of Earth Day, Norwex employees and local Consultants participated in the three-day Earth Day Texas Expo April 24 – 26. One of the largest in the U.S., this annual outdoor festival elevates environmental awareness by showing approximately 75,000 attendees how green lifestyle choices can lower cost of living, improve health and help save the environment. And many also learned about Norwex’s role in reducing chemicals in the home! Whether it’s by cutting back on the use of chemicals, or living more sustainably all year round‹or both‹we are combining our efforts and making a collective difference for our families and our planet by choosing to take action. Small, conscious choices make a difference!

10 on Tuesdays


In addition, earlier this Spring, Norwex employees picked up at least 10 pieces of trash each week in a Ten-on-Tuesday initiative begun by reverselitter.com! If 5,000 people pick up 10 pieces of litter every Tuesday for a year, that’s 2.6 million pieces of trash that will no longer mar the beauty of our planet!