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On the Mission: Amy speaks with Paul Kuhar, Champion Waste and Recycling


on the mission paul kuhar

It’s my pleasure and privilege to share our enlightening podcast with recycling advocate Paul Kuhar, Vice President of Champion Waste and Recycling Services. His small family company has become an industry innovator in North Texas, changing the landscape of how waste and recyclable materials are serviced and processed. Paul gives insights about what can and can’t be recycled as well as best practices depending on programs available in your area.

Among Paul’s recommendations: Be proactive. “Find out where your stuff is going, see if you can get a tour, understand the process. Knowledge is power,” he told us. “I think seeing how recycling is done and the true impact of your efforts is a pivotal thing for a lot of people.”

Paul also talks about his relationship with Norwex® as well as new technology and the future of recycling.

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Please share these podcasts with anyone you know who wants to know more about recycling. With every share, you’re making a difference!

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