5 Safe Swaps You (and Your Family) Will Love

Going Social with Ways to #CleanItForward

People everywhere are swapping chemical-based cleaning products for Norwex. And this month, they’re sharing their swaps on social using #CleanItForward. This sounded like fun to me, so today I bring you some of my favorite swaps that I tell everyone about.

1. Mops

You may already know that mopping is my most hated chore. But by using microfiber and water only, I’ve replaced expensive spray mops and their chemical solutions as well as cotton string mops that harbor bacteria and require heavy pails of water. I’m happy to report that I don’t minding mopping quite so much anymore!

2. Plastic Straws

OK I know this isn’t a chemical-laden cleaning product, but I am passionate about reducing plastic (and it is my blog!), so please, I encourage you all to join me in skipping the plastic straw every chance you get.

3. Spray Cleaners

This is a big one. Did you know that the regular use of chemical-based spray cleaners can have as much health impact as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day? Again, Norwex microfiber and water is always my go-to. Not only is there really no need for harmful chemicals, but you even save money over time!

4. Single-Use Wipes

Sure they’re convenient in the moment, but single-use wipes are also a major source of pollution on beaches and in landfills. Plus, they’re often not used correctly. For example, did you know that you’re supposed to rinse the surface after using one? Just think about the chemical residue left on countertops and hands! My solution? You guessed it!

5. Laundry Detergent

I love my kids! A lot! So why would I coat their clothing in harsh chemicals? Typical laundry detergents can contain “optical brighteners,” tiny reflective particles that are deposited onto clothing to trick the eye into seeing a vibrant white glow. Others may have chlorine-based bleaching agents, which can damage clothing fibers as well as irritate skin, eyes and nasal passages. No, thank you. I’ll choose a Norwex laundry detergent instead!

comment_2So there you have it, my top five swaps I can’t help but share. What about you? Have you swapped a typical cleaner for one that’s safer for your family but just as effective? I’d love to hear about it, and don’t forget to share on social too using #CleanItForward.


Before discovering Norwex, I always thought typical cleaning products were pretty safe.

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