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2016 Blog of the Year

2016 Blog of the Year

The Votes Are In!

Thank you to everyone who recently voted for our Norwex Movement blog of the year! The ballots have been tallied, and we’re pleased to announce our most popular blogs of 2016 (drumroll, please) . . .


7 Consumer Items Banned Around the World

Use this attention-getting infographic from QuidCorner to help spread awareness about how these seven items are hurting our planet.

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Special congrats to these three Movement members, who were chosen at random for voting in our contest! Watch for your Norwex Movement bracelet to arrive soon in the mail.

  • Chelsey Ellis
  • Heather Hall
  • Terri Rountree

And a big thank you to all our Norwex Movement members! You are making a difference every day, whether it’s by sharing a blog, using the Safe Haven House app, calculating your carbon footprint or simply by living a little more sustainably. Your impact is real: As your family and friends notice your actions, they’re also being influenced in some small (or large!) way. So thank you for all you do!

Speaking of your blog shares and comments, keep up the good work! Movement membership has grown significantly over 2016, and I can only imagine the impact we’ll make in 2017 as our numbers continue to increase.

And finally, I wanted to point out the newest blog category, listed to the left. It’s our new Member’s Choice category. Click on Member’s Choice for all the blogs that receive the most likes and shares by members throughout the year. Anytime you want to know which blogs others are reacting to, they will now be grouped in one handy location for you to access.

comment_2We are thrilled that you’re a vital part of the Norwex Movement! Please let us know what you’d like to see more of, or what topics you’d be interested in learning more about. Chances are, we would too! Just leave a comment below.


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