How to Cure the Temptation for Plastic Straws

No Straw, Please: A Progress Report

It’s only been a couple of weeks since I announced my plan to stop using plastic straws, but already I have good news!

  • By eliminating single-use plastic straws from my own life, I’ve now saved about 10 straws from either the landfill or the recycling plant!
  • And because my kids have also jumped on board with the idea, our combined total has blossomed to about 50 straws saved!
  • If we keep it up, by the end of the year we’ll have saved about 350 straws!

Now this may not sound like a real big deal, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

As I posted two weeks ago, we have good reason to do everything we can to avoid single-use suckers like the plastic straw.

To put it bluntly, plastic straws suck.

That’s why I was thrilled to hear about a campaign from the Lonely Whale Foundation, called Stop Sucking.

Let’s All Stop Sucking

Stop Wasting Water

The Stop Sucking campaign aims to keep a whopping 500 million straws from getting into the oceans in 2017—in other words, the same number of straws that enters our oceans every single day.

I think this goal is worthy and achievable. And if enough of us join in, I believe it’s ultimately exceedable!

A couple of weeks ago, I listed a few ways we could all try to kick the plastic straw habit. And I asked for more suggestions from our Movement members.

Movement Members and Guests Weigh In

Turns out, you guys had some good ideas too.

  • “Use/purchase reusable straws”
  • “I remember when straws were made of paper. I do use my Norwex stainless steel straws and I have found recyclable/dishwasher safe rigid plastic straws.”
  • “I love my stainless steel straws! Keeping a few in my purse helps cut down on plastic straws tremendously when we’re out and about!”
  • “Waiting for rice straws to hit N America… edible!!”

It’s gratifying (and a little humbling) to know that so many of you are with me in saying no to the single-use plastic straw. While my kids and I alone have already saved about 50 straws from finding their way into the ocean or landfill, I firmly believe that together we can do more. Let’s help turn that 50 into 500 million (or more)!

comment_2Won’t you join us in refusing plastic straws? Take the pledge with me to #stopsucking and then let us know your favorite way to avoid the plastic straw in the comments below!


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