How to Be a Quick-Clean Queen

Get Any Room Tidy in 10 Minutes

Has this ever happened to you? You start to clean one area of the house, but something you see there really belongs in another room. So you go to put it away, but soon you find yourself straightening up that room. Next thing you know, you’re totally derailed and both rooms are still a mess.

It honestly feels like you could spend the whole day just going from room to room to room putting things back where they belong!

It’s probably happened to most of us—but not to worry. Today we bring you these time-tested tips for staying on task to make any area sparkle in mere minutes.

  1. Microfiber ClothsSnag your tools–You really don’t need many: just a high-quality microfiber duster and cloth combo, and perhaps a spray bottle filled with water. Tip: Use a drop or two of essential oil in your spray bottle to lightly freshen the air as you dust and wipe up messes.
  2. 2 Bins Laundry and TrashGrab 2 containers—One small garbage bin for anything that can be thrown away, and one small laundry basket for things to relocate later.
  3. Stopwatch, set your timer for 10Set a timer—This may sound unnecessary; after all, no one really likes to spend a lot of time cleaning anyway. But it’s surprising how time can fly (even when you’re not necessarily having “fun”). Allow 10 minutes for slightly cluttered rooms; up to 20 if it’s really a mess.
  4. Norwex Dust MittGo! Use that duster and go over surfaces quickly yet methodically, working your way around the room from top to bottom. No need for furniture polish as it just creates a sticky surface for more dust to land on and an even bigger mess for next time.
  5. Toss! As you quickly dust around the room, toss trash in the garbage bin and pitch anything belonging elsewhere in the laundry basket. (Avoid the temptation to put those items away just yet.)
  6. Wiping windows cleanWipe! Now that the room is dusted and decluttered, use your cloth and spray bottle to tackle sticky messes and/or dirty windows and windowsills.
  7. Time to mop(Optional) Mop! If the timer’s still ticking, now might be the time to tackle any high-traffic areas at least. (Just stay away from sprays, strings and sponges!)

That’s it! Quick and easy! Once you’ve finished, you can put the items in your laundry basket back where they belong. And if you didn’t get around to mopping, I give you permission to put that off for another day.


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comment_2Are you easily overwhelmed by a messy room? Do you have tips and tricks for dealing with them? Please share your ideas with other readers in the comments below!


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