How to Make Your House LOOK Clean in 5 Minutes

Guests on the Way? Get Your Place Spiffed Up Fast!

We all know you should take a few minutes each day to clean up around the house to avoid having to clean for hours. But sometimes you can be caught by surprise by a call that someone is on their way over.

Don’t panic!

  1. Take a look at what the most obvious messes are from your soon-to-arrive guests’ point of view. Start at the front door, look around and follow the path you think they will take.
  2. Pick three surfaces to clean, grab a high-quality microfiber dusting cloth. You can keep the cloth in one hand while you pick up with the other.
  3. Declutter
    • Grab a garbage bag or a basket.
    • Pick up misplaced items, trash or recycling and put them in your bag; don’t worry about sorting now.
    • Move things like toasters and other appliances that you aren’t using to a cabinet, wipe off the counter then move on.
  4. Straighten and fluff pillows
  5. Stack coffee table clutter so it looks more organized.
  6. If you have a few minutes to spare, try these tips to make your home feel more cozy:

  7. Flip the blinds to hide any dust
  8. Turn off overhead lights and turn on table lamps
  9. Diffuse some essential oils or light a candle

And if you don’t have time to put away, just toss everything in the master bedroom—no one will go in there if the door is closed!

Good Luck!

comment_2Have you ever had to clean your house really quickly because you knew guests would be stopping by? We’d love to hear your tips and advice! Please share your comments below.


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