Saving the Planet One Plastic Bottle at a Time

Norway Turns Plastic Bottles into Spending Money

In addition to being one of the world’s happiest places, Norway is also a world leader when it comes to recycling plastic bottles. In fact, Norway recycles an amazing 96% of its plastic bottles while the United States recycles only 31%. What’s the secret to Norway’s successful recycling program?

Take a look at this quick video to find out!

Norway recycles 97% of its plastic bottles

Recycling a recycling idea, should your country adopt the Norway model?

via World Economic Forum

Posted by EcoWatch on Sunday, February 18, 2018

Imagine what the rest of us could accomplish if we followed Norway’s lead for handling plastic bottles.

ParksCleaner parks, landfills and waterways. People eager to get their deposit back—or perhaps just to earn a little pocket money—would help reduce litter by picking up plastic bottles.

Less demand for plastic. Having to pay more for plastic might encourage many of us to BYOB—bring your own bottle—and to get into the habit of taking a reusable bottle with us.

DonationsAn increase in charitable donations. Think of a Coinstar machine, but for plastic bottles. You could choose to give to your favorite charity instead of keeping the deposit when returning plastic bottles to a machine.

It truly is impressive how the simple concept of a “deposit and refund” system could transform plastic bottles from trash into valuable objects—and keep litter out of landfills and waterways at the same time!

Back in the Good ol’ Days

comment_2Do you recall a time when beverage companies used a deposit and refund system to ensure that consumers returned glass bottles? Share your memories of collecting bottles, or even aluminum cans, in the comments below.


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