Are Avocados Going To Be the Answer to the Plastic Problem?

How One Company Is Turning Pits into Profits

Holy guacamole! Did you know that avocado pits are being turned into biodegradable plastic?

Companies like Biofase are aware of the growing plastic problem and they have figured out a way to turn the waste from one of their country’s biggest exports into a reusable material. Avocados aren’t just good on toast any more, now they are helping radically reduce the amount of debris on earth!

Biofase started out with the mission to solve the growing pollution problems of the world. Through experiments with other materials, creator Scott Mungía figured out that avocado pits are the perfect material to make bioplastics. By 2016, Mungía started to make bioplastic straws, forks, spoons and knives as green alternatives to the single-use plastic varieties that contaminate the Earth.

The discovery was perfect for the Mexico-based business since the country produces most of the world’s avocados. Instead of the pits being burned in landfills, they have now found a second life through Biofase.

As people have become increasingly aware of the impact plastics have on the earth, the avocado-based straws and cutlery are completely changing the game for not only restaurants but the planet too. These straws are sold to major restaurant chains like P. F. Chang’s China Bistro and Chili’s Grill & Bar.

The Biofase products are also great for picnics. These products will allow you and your family to enjoy your summer guilt-free knowing that what you used will become part of the earth in about 240 days. There is no need to feel “pit-ifull” when you are hosting a big summer barbeque and don’t want to use your own utensils. Instead you are now able to use these green bioplastic ones! They will not only make you feel good but they will impress your friends as well.


Mexico produces 50% of the world’s supply of avocados!

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