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One Person CAN Make an Impact! We Challenge You to Be That Person!

One person CAN make an impact, we challenge you to be that person!

But I’m Just One Person . . . What Can I Do?

As I’ve blogged about for the last few months, the U.S. Home Office is on a mission. We’re making plans to help empower our surrounding local community with knowledge about the impact of harmful chemicals in their homes and plastic pollution in the environment. And you’re invited to reach out, too!

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  • We’ll guide you in creating your own awareness project about whatever you feel passionate about.
  • As we blog about our own outreach project, we’ll also provide success tips for yours.
  • Visit the new Community Movement Project page in the NorwexMovement.com web site to read the blogs and see the progress to date.

Our goal is to eventually post each of our success stories at NorwexMovement.com later this year. Till then, let us know what you’re doing in your home, your neighborhood and your world. Working together, we can accomplish so much!

comment_2Do you have ideas for creating awareness in your community? We’d love to hear them! Just drop us a line in the Comment section below.

World Water Day

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In support of our mission of reducing chemicals and plastics in the environment, Norwex Movement wishes you a happy World Water Day!


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Jacki Ledbetter
Jacki Ledbetter
8 years ago

At kindergarten registration I learned that my child’s school does not recycle paper. I told one of the teachers that I was going to change that. I started a recycling program where I used to work that became quite successful and is still going strong so I know I can do it here too. The biggest challenge is going to be finding a recycling service. We are in the country and the local sanitation service does not offer recycling.

8 years ago

Jacki, that’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for making a difference. Keep us posted on your progress!

sarah Brown
sarah Brown
8 years ago

Have friends and family take a bag on their Pokémon hunts and pick up garbage while they are out walking. think of all the litter that would disappear if everyone did this.

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
6 years ago

Great post! <3