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Norwex General Manager Julien Dufaure Shares What Sets Our Microfiber Apart

Today I’m excited to share my recent conversation with Julien Dufaure, General Manager, Norwex® Institute for Textile Innovation & Manufacturing (Norwex China), who describes the lengths to which Norwex goes to provide the best, highest-quality microfiber available anywhere.

With an extensive background in product development and environmental engineering, Julien shares insights about how Norwex Microfiber—particularly recycled microfiber yarn—is one of the most sustainable purchases you can make. Julien explains that “quality equals sustainability” and that the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to use a product as long as you can. He describes the extensive testing process our microfiber undergoes to ensure consistent, superior quality with each and every product we create.

You’ll also learn how our BacLock® antibacterial agent actually becomes a part of the very fiber itself, instead of just sprayed onto the cloth, like typical products, which can lose its effectiveness after just a few washings. In addition, Julien describes how Norwex China factory employees are truly an integral part of our Norwex Family.

“If you think about it, the best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to use a product as long as you can . . . to go away from this fast consumerism where you change things constantly. That’s the philosophy at Norwex. We have a two-year warranty, we deliver a high-quality product, the whole point is when you buy your cloth, you know that it’s going to be reliable and you can use it for longer than anything you can find in retail.”
—Julien Dufaure, General Manager, Norwex Institute for Textile Innovation & Manufacturing

Norwex invests significant time and resources to ensure our products are the very best available anywhere. We are proud of the legacy we’re creating in China and by extension all over the world as every day more people are discovering that they can have a safer haven using Norwex Microfiber and water to clean their homes.

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Bonnie Genereux
Bonnie Genereux
1 year ago

Love the products I currently have. But also love all the tips that have been given that I can do withe the dust mitts, enviro, window clothes, and the laundry detergent that I haven’t tried yet.

1 year ago

Bonnie, we’re so glad you are loving the products too! Please let us know what you think of the laundry detergent when you get a chance.

Lauren Rogers
Lauren Rogers(@laurenr)
1 year ago

Great concept of using items/products for as long as possible. I feel it’s a nod back to our past, getting away from consumerism. There’s beauty in patina and aging materials.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lauren Rogers

Lauren, we so agree! Thanks for your comment and for supporting Norwex.