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Today I’m excited to share my recent podcast with Shari Rudolph, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Development Officer of Good360, a new partner for Norwex®. Shari shares her passion about what makes this amazing, 37-year-old nonprofit the leader in “product philanthropy and purposeful giving.

Connecting with hundreds of socially responsible companies that are looking to make large-scale donations of goods, this team of just over 50 people ensures that a staggering amount of products are matched with nonprofits throughout the United States and internationally through a construct called “The Good360 Circle of Good.” In fact, in 2020 alone, Good360 distributed more than $700 million in goods to those in need.

The over 90,000 nonprofits that are vetted and registered to receive these goods would often not have been able to access them on their own. Once received, the items are then distributed to those in need. It’s a win-win-win because not only do the items benefit the recipients, they are also diverted from landfills or from otherwise being destroyed. Plus, it’s an extremely efficient and socially responsible way for donor corporations to make a big impact.

I’m so excited that Norwex has partnered with this organization, which has distributed more than $10 billion in needed goods to date, all while valuing and maintaining the dignity and worth of each recipient.

• Up to 60% of goods typically donated during times of disaster end up in landfills or otherwise go to waste.

• This “second disaster” is the result of the wrong goods being sent to disaster-impacted regions at the wrong time, potentially clogging up supply routes and storage that should be used for needed supplies, and distracting disaster workers and volunteers from high-priority tasks.

• The most-needed items after a natural disaster can vary, but are often personal care items such as deodorant and toothpaste to support those who have been displaced from their homes, cleaning supplies and PPE items like rubber boots and masks for cleanup efforts.

• Auto parts and supplies are one of the more interesting donations used by Good360 to make a big impact. Bonus: Through its “Driving Hope” partnership with Good360, Advanced Auto Parts was able to divert 1.5 million pounds of goods from landfills in 2019 alone.

• For every dollar donated, Good360 can distribute up to $18 in goods, sometimes even more.

• Through its “Resilient Response” program, Good360 helps communities prepare in advance for disasters and ensures the right goods arrive at the appropriate time to make the most impact.

• This program also focuses on education for companies and individuals on how to best prepare for and respond to disasters, with a focus on building more resilient communities for the future.

• Good360 also relies on in-kind transportation donors like UPS and United Airlines to quickly get goods and people to where they’re most needed.

• In 2020, Good360 distributed more than $700 million in needed goods—more than twice what they did in 2019—over a third of it as a result of COVID-19.

• Money is one of the best ways for individuals to contribute to any nonprofit, as nonprofits are more well-connected and better able to leverage funds where they’re needed.


Norwex is proud to be in partnership with Good360, and even more proud of our first donation to be distributed by them. Through our Buy 1 + Get 1 + We’ll Donate 1 offer, we’ll be donating a Norwex Reusable Face Mask to those who need them most.

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Shelly Guido
Shelly Guido
3 years ago

A wonderful way to best utilize available resources!

Lauren Rogers
Lauren Rogers
3 years ago

Love this program = win win!