New Possibilities for Alternative Energy in the Future

What Might Replace Fossil Fuels?

It’s no secret that fossil fuels and nuclear power are finite energy sources, and they’re also costly as well as potentially damaging to the environment. Luckily, alternative energy sources that are renewable, cost-efficient and eco-friendly are becoming more plentiful than ever.


Wind and Solar Power

The most common forms of alternative energy today are solar and wind. These energy sources are naturally occurring, infinite and produce no emissions. And they’re inexpensive! Solar power can heat a tiny house in Quebec for only $100 all winter, in addition to powering a full-size refrigerator, water pump system, lights and electrical outlets.

But solar and wind energy are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to alternative energy. Instead of looking to nature to supply energy, we can also create it on our own using mechanical energy on cloudy, windless days.


Bike Power

Pedaling the Free Electric hybrid bike, for example, can help supply homes with electricity. Bicycle generators are also now being used to support greener alternative energy at bicycle powered music festivals and exercise powered gyms. Not only is this good for the environment, but it’s great for your health too!


Food Power!

Another source of alternative energy comes from chocolate, of all places. Researchers in the UK have found that the by-products of industrial chocolate production can be converted into biofuel. This fuel can be used to run cars and create electricity. When converted into biofuel, chocolate waste has a zero emission rate with no other harmful by-products generated in the process. Innovations like these could theoretically help solve the global food waste problem by turning non-food biomass food into fuel.

Researchers have also begun using waste from the wine industry as biofuel in the same way that chocolate waste is being used. It may eventually be possible to convert waste already in landfills into biofuel, allowing us to retroactively reduce waste in landfills.

The continuous innovation in the search for renewable and eco-friendly energy sources points to a brighter future, providing benefits not only now, but for generations to come!

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