World Kindness Day

7 Ways to Show Kindness

Today is World Kindness Day, and the goal is to focus on the things we have in common with others in order to empathize with them.

Go outside your comfort zone and be kind to someone you don’t know. Here are some great ideas:

  1. Pay for the person behind you in line at lunch or in line at the drive thru.
  2. Give compliments to the next three people you see.
  3. Send someone a hand-written letter.
  4. Open the door for someone.
  5. Make a donation to a cause you support.
  6. Volunteer your time.
  7. Bring flowers to a nursing home.

What will you do?

comment_2Has someone ever been especially kind to you, making a difference in your life without hope of gain for themselves? Or maybe you were able to experience the joy of helping a stranger in some way. We’d love to hear about it. Please share your story with our readers below.


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