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Community Goals – The Washed Ashore Project

Community Goals – The Washed Ashore Project

Washed Ashore

The Norwex Movement was designed to help create a cleaner, safer world, free of harmful chemicals. Recently, we updated our RACE (Race Against Chemicals in the Environment) website to support our global community of like-minded individuals and to help make a positive impact on our quality of life, while reducing dangerous chemicals in our homes.

One amazing feature of our newly updated RACE website is the ability for community members to earn points for engaging, exploring and sharing our eco-friendly content. By liking, learning and sharing RACE information with others, you can earn Eco Points, which will allow you to earn Eco Badges (on your way to becoming an Eco Champion!), while also contributing to our community’s environmental goals and making the world a better place.

The Washed Ashore Project

The Washed Ashore ProjectOur current community goal is supporting the Washed Ashore Project. The Washed Ashore Project is a nonprofit, community-based organization with a mission of educating and creating awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution through art.

The Washed Ashore Project is an undertaking of The Artula Institute for Arts & Environmental Education, and its overall goal is to provide opportunities to express and teach environmental issues through the arts. Through this project, community members of all ages work together to clean up polluted beaches and convert debris into giant sculptures of the sea life that is most affected by excessive plastic pollution.

The creation of this upcycled art has resulted in thousands of pounds of debris removed from local beaches, and the unique works of art have become part of a traveling exhibition that encourages reducing, refusing, reusing, repurposing and recycling.

The Washed Ashore ProjectSupporting the Washed Ashore Project is one of the many goals of the Norwex Movement that will help promote sustainability as we spread awareness—and with your help, the list of eco-friendly goals will continue to grow!

What are your thoughts on the Washed Ashore Project? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Hope Beach
Hope Beach(@hbeach)
6 years ago

At first glance I think, yuk! But then I realize that all that trash is no longer in the waters endangering our animals and waters.

Hattie Walker
Hattie Walker(@gardenhat)
6 years ago

I live on the coast of Cornwall and every time I walk on the beaches round me I pick up plastic debris. I am inspired to make my own artworks and do something positive with what the tide washes up every day.

Cheyanne Dumbleton
Cheyanne Dumbleton(@shiney)
6 years ago

It was at the last Norwex Conference where I first learned of this remarkable project. The story & the people behind it are inspiring. I would love to see one of these projects ran in each country that Norwex is a part of in the future.

TK - Admin
TK - Admin(@teresa-kulupka)
6 years ago

thanks for the feedback Cheyanne, we’re really excited about it too!

Deborah Weiner
Deborah Weiner(@debweiner)
6 years ago

I love what they are doing! I think it’s a great way to not only help our oceans but to bring awareness. I think that there are a lot of people out there that don’t realize just how big a problem plastics in our environment really are.

Carol Mays
Carol Mays(@cammie)
5 years ago
Reply to  Deborah Weiner

I think this is very needed to raise awareness. My children are now in their 30’s, I used cloth diapers & washcloths when they were babies, people thought I was crazy! We need to ‘unclutter’ our little part of the world AND work on helping rest of world!!

Leah Rissien
Leah Rissien(@tinyturtle7)
5 years ago

Loved seeing the Norwex Salmon unveiled at National Conference 2016!

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman(@domesticgeekgirl)
4 years ago

I love how you folks partner with worthy causes! It is inspiring…

Carla & Roy Simmons
Carla & Roy Simmons
8 months ago

I realize this is centered around the debris in the ocean. We live 4 hours inland and the trash people throw out of their cars on country roads is just as horrifying. We walk our road twice a year and pick up 2 large trash bags each time to recycle. We know it’s not from the oceans but we are trying to do our part here inland. Keep up the amazing work and keep our oceans, beaches and sea life healthy and clean. Much love!

8 months ago

Carla and Roy, thank you so much for all you’re doing to keep your corner of this world clean and safe for us. We’re grateful for your efforts and for your post that reminds us that every choice matters. Thanks for choosing to do something about the problem of pollution on our roadways. You’re truly an inspiration!