Are You Washing Your Clothes in Chemicals?

Creating Works of Art from Car Exhaust!

A startup company in India, Graviky Labs, has come up with a way to turn car emissions into ink. Just 45 minutes worth of car exhaust fumes can create 30 ml of ink, enough for one marker pen. A device developed by the MIT spin-off company traps car exhaust and can be scaled to fit onto boats, chimneys, cranes and brick kilns. From the exhaust, the company has developed “Air-Ink,” which artists are now using in a variety of ways—all with a goal of more art and less pollution.

comment_2Granted, marker pens sourced from car exhaust are just a small step toward solving our air pollution problems, but still it’s an innovative concept! What other things can you think of to help reduce air pollution? Let us know in the comments below!


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