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Whoosh! Why You Should Think Before You Flush! [video]

Whoosh! Why You Should Think Before You Flush! <div class=

Your Toilet’s Not a Trash Can

I-dont-flush-156x120“Things I flush down the toilet: Number one, number two, toilet paper. That’s it. How long is your list? Because that should be it, my friend.”—Canadian comedian/actor Ennis Esmer and “I Don’t Flush” campaign supporter

As a follow up to our 9 Things to Avoid Flushing blog a few months ago, we humbly share this short video from the I Don’t Flush campaign as a reminder to us all.


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Key “Leave Behinds”

(Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun!)

  • Don’t use your toilet as a trash can
  • Flushing something even as small as dental floss can cause serious blockages in your sewer system
  • Lakes and rivers become polluted when the wrong things are flushed
  • Choose products that don’t require disposal, like washcloths instead of wipes
comment_2Waterways and plumbing systems are both valuable resources—we can’t afford to take them for granted. Will you join us in sharing the video? Let us know in the comment section below!


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