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On the Mission: “Body Burden: Actions for a Positive Change”

Part 3 of my Body Burden series with Dr. Bruce Lanphear

Part 3 of my Body Burden series with Dr. Bruce Lanphear

Welcome to the final podcast of my 3-part series with Dr. Bruce Lanphear, author of the “Little Things Matter” YouTube video for chemicals of concern. Dr. Lanphear is a professor of health sciences at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and principal investigator for a study on childhood exposures to toxic chemicals. In this podcast, created from a video recorded at our North America Virtual Leadership Conference 2021, Dr. Lanphear shares some easy-to-implement action steps we can take to help our families avoid harmful chemicals wherever possible.

Want to dive a little deeper?

Check out my “On the Mission: Chemicals of Concern” video series—like this one on personal care products and why it’s important to be aware of ingredients that come into contact with your skin.

Missed parts 1 or 2?

All 3 podcasts of my 3-part series with Dr. Lanphear are now available. Listen to part 1, Body Burden: What Is It and Should I Be Concerned?, and part 2, Body Burden: Prevention vs. Cure and Treatment.

comment_2Please share these podcasts with parents, relatives, friends, teachers and coaches. Then let us know your experiences in the comments below. With every share, we’re making a positive difference not just for ourselves but for future generations, too.


What we put on our skin can impact our Body Burden.

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