Get All Warm and Cozy—with Every Purchase

Helping Your Fashion Dollars Help Others

This time of year, it’s nice to take a moment with a mug of cocoa and a nice cozy sweater, along with a deep breath of gratitude for all we have. And what better time than now to also take a look at how your clothing and accessories purchases can do double-duty by benefiting others!

  • Twice As Warm—Twice As Warm is a winter clothing company that matches every purchase of one of their scarves, hats or pairs of gloves with a donation of the same clothing to people in need. Using this “buy-one, give-one model,” they supply local shelters and organizations in need of cold-weather clothing. Their mission is helping people in need stay warm with new winter clothing.
  • Feed—Hunger is the greatest risk to health worldwide, and a daily reality for 795 million people. But with every beautiful bag (and accessory and tee-shirt) Feed Projects sells, this company is making a dent in that number—and a difference to hungry children globally.
  • Patagonia—Last year, the company known for its corporate social responsibility practices donated 100% of its global Black Friday sales to organizations, like the Central Westcoast Forest Society, working to protect our air, water and soil for future generations. And every other day of the year, 1% of its sales is likewise donated.
  • Brides for a—If you or someone you love in the Seattle/Tacoma area is in the market for a wedding dress (or has one to donate), be sure to check them out. They resell gently used wedding gowns to support a variety of local and national nonprofit charities. Other bridal dress resell venues can also be found here.
  •—That’s right, we’re also doing our part to help clean up the world! All proceeds from every organic twill corps hat or “poptart to go” wristlet you purchase from us are donated to The Washed Ashore Project, whose mission is to educate the world about plastic pollution in oceans and waterways.
comment_2For more ideas about spending thoughtfully as well as wisely, check out this blog from a few months ago. And now we want to know: Have you ever made a purchase that helped support a good cause? We’d love to hear about it. Just leave us a comment below!


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