How to Turn the Concrete Jungle Green

Half a Million Plants Are Making a Difference in Mexico City!

With 22 million people, Mexico City is one of the world’s most crowded metropolises. Known for its congested traffic and air pollution, now it’s also attracting attention for the Via Verde Project that’s giving concrete highway support pillars an amazing green makeover.

Citizens of Mexico City are adding a touch of nature as they help fight air pollution with the help of a half million plants and some recycled plastic bottles.

The Via Verde Project is transforming a thousand highway pillars into vertical gardens. These plants are not only beautifying the city, but they’re also helping to remove pollutants from the air and decreasing drivers’ stress levels.

No Soil Needed

Via Verde Plant Pilar on HighwayA variety of plants are grown inside felt pockets made from plastic beverage bottles, and a rainwater collection system ensures they stay hydrated.

So far, 700 columns are planned, and when it’s finished the project will span 27 kilometers (over 16 miles). The Via Verde design studio leading these efforts say that each year:

  • 27,000 tons of harmful gases will be filtered from the air
  • More than 5,000 kg of suspended particulates will be captured
  • More than 10,000 kg of heavy metals will be processed
  • Enough clean oxygen for 25,000 citizens will be generated

In addition, hundreds of design, installation and maintenance jobs will have been created.

Check out this video to learn more about this project!

comment_2Do you have plants in your home? Did you know that they help filter your home’s air? Please share with us which plants you love and why!


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