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Spring Cleaning Without Chemicals: Norwex Style – Part 1 of 2

Spring Cleaning Without Chemicals - Norwex Style

Spring Cleaning Without Chemicals – Norwex Style

It’s spring-cleaning time! We created this 10-Step Guide to help you transform your home without the use of toxic chemicals. Take note of the handy tips with each step to make the job easier!

Step 1: Gather yourself. Assemble all your cleaning tools and products before you start.

Step 2: Air it out. If weather permits, open those windows and let the fresh air in while you clean.

Step 3: Top Down Approach. Ceiling fans, lights, nooks and crannies, those hard to reach places can accumulate lots of dust. Utilizing the Norwex EnviroWand and Dusting Mitt will help knock out those tall tasks in a jiffy.

  • Tip: Working from ceiling to floor will ensure you don’t have to clean anything twice.
  • Tip: Don’t forget about the window coverings. Remove curtains and other fabric coverings and wash them according to their instruction tags. The Norwex Dusting Mitt helps to make short work of cleaning blinds too. Just remember to get both sides.

Step 4: From the windows to the walls. Gently dust your walls, doors, trim and molding with the Norwex mop and conversion kit. Next tackle the windows. Start by removing the window screens, laying them on the driveway or grass and spray them with a high velocity garden hose attachment on both sides. While the screens are drying, clean your windows using a damp EnviroCloth and follow up with a dry WindowCloth. Replace the screens and proceed.

  • Tip: A damp EnviroCloth also works wonders to remove the grime on switch plates, doorknobs and doors where hands frequent.

Step 5: Calling all matted rugs and rugged mats. Start a laundry load of machine washable rugs. Gather your larger rugs and escort them outside. If the rug is small enough, you can shake it or beat it vigorously to remove dirt and grime. For larger rugs, drape them over a handrail or outdoor furniture and use the Norwex Rubber Brush to brush dirt out and fluff the fibers.

  • Tip: Leave rugs outside until the very end when you clean the floors so they aren’t in the way.
  • Tip: Sunlight and some baking soda, sprinkled and vacuumed up works wonders to freshen most odors.

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Lorena White
8 years ago

What a great post! Thank you for sharing these nice tips with us! I’m keen on green products because I want to keep my family healthy! I use mainly baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and water! This combination makes miracles in cleaning! Best regards!

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
6 years ago

I NEED the EnviroWand!! It’s next on my list of Norwex products to buy!

Lori Aukeman
Lori Aukeman
5 years ago

Envirowand is one of my favorites!