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Share Your Story Week 4 Winners


Congratulations to the final round of winners in our Share Your Story contest!
Thank you all for participating!

The three winners are listed below with their winning story.

Cheryl Phyillaier - Norwex Baby
Cheryl Phyillaier – Norwex Baby

Cheryl Phyillaier

It was steamy-hot August, and the little shower in our basement apartment was growing icky mold like crazy. I was very preggers and very exhausted and cleaned it as often as I could, but not nearly often enough. I was using my amazing Enviro cloth… but with antibacterial Dawn soap in my (misguided) determination to get things clean – “to make things smell good,” I told myself. I was new to Norwex and I just didn’t trust my Enviro cloth on the shower. Silly me! The Dawn was actually dulling the “powers” of my Enviro cloth, and I was about to discover that. Meanwhile, at whits end, I advertised amongst my circle of friends for recommendations for a chemical-free daily shower spray to help me keep ahead of things. A dear friend, Norwex consultant, and busy mom of 3 toddlers shared that she takes a moment to wipe a different wall of her shower with her water-wet bathroom mitt every day, and that does the trick! When I read her suggestion, my confidence grew by a leap, and a suspicion sprouted in my mind – a connection between my middling success and my use of store bought soap – and I bravely decided next time to ditch the Dawn and use only water. Meanwhile, my dear and loving husband, wanting to help me, but having lost confidence in Norwex’s powers (and you can’t really blame him), bravely cleaned it for me with the “good ol'” Scrubbing Bubbles and conventional sponge. Neither of us could have guessed the results, but the shower got nasty again really fast – within just days it was showing mold growth again! In disbelief, he diligently repeated with the scrubbing bubbles the following week and the results were identical. Finally, all things Norwex were making sense to me, and I was ready to face a humid summertime shower with just an Enviro cloth wet from the faucet. And it WORKED!!! My clean shower lasted at least twice as long as when I had used Dawn, and easily 4 times longer than with Scrubbing Bubbles! Now I TRUST my Enviro cloths, needless to say. 🙂

Stephanie Pierce

Honestly up until I started selling Norwex in February I wasn’t doing much to help out the environment. I would recycle and donate clothes here and there but didn’t do much actively. Once I learned about Norwex and started using the products I have reduced my chemical cleaning by 100%!!

Through research on chemicals and how awful they can be on not only the environment but on my family, I have realized the importance of using “green” cleaners, eating healthier and more organic, picking up litter, talking to my children about littering, and not wasting water!

Not to sound like a Norwex ad but I feel that Norwex has helped open my eyes to what toxins are out there and what they are doing to the environment and my family! It has inspired me to learn what we are putting into the Earth and ourselves and to try and reduce the harmful toxins in my own family as much as possible.

Ginny Estrada - Bicycle Wheel Art Gallery
Ginny Estrada – Bicycle Wheel Art Gallery

Ginny Estrada

A local bike shop had several bicycle wheels they were getting rid of just lining the walls of a store. I was drawn to the various, rusty gears in the center of all the spokes. At the time, I had NO idea what I was going to do with them, but loved them and accepted the challenge of finding a way to upcycle them. My son is constantly coloring, painting, or crafting some sort of little project. Sometimes he’s just exploring his creativity, while other times we make crafts to help him learn more about God and how much Jesus loves him! As his little masterpieces began to pile up, I was searching for somewhere to hang them. It only seemed natural to put it in his bedroom, and I already had the bicycle wheels and a handful of clothespins on hand… It morphed into the PERFECT art gallery for his “Big boy” room!! Not only is it a fun and unique way to display my son’s artwork, it also teaches him that when we have a desire to re-purpose and upcycle, and can look at things with a new perspective, the possibilities are endless! His art gallery is a great conversation starter with many of our guest and many leave inspired to upcycle something unique for their own home. Who knew a few bicycle wheels could make such a cool display AND make a difference in our environment?

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Hope Beach
Hope Beach(@hbeach)
6 years ago

Love the bicycle wheels idea

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman(@domesticgeekgirl)
4 years ago

Great stories, all! <3