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I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for almost five years now. And, oh the love and feedback you’ve shared! As you know, Movement members and readers are always encouraged to share your opinions, perspectives and ideas on each topic—and I’m so thankful when you take the time to do so! Here’s what I’ve discovered over the years:

Norwex Movement members have a lot of great ideas!

As I’ve read through all the thoughts, suggestions and helpful hints you’ve entrusted us with, I deeply appreciate the wealth and depth of wisdom you bring for creating a world that’s healthier, happier and more sustainable.

But I’m guessing that all your good ideas may not always be seen by other readers—so I want to spotlight them a bit. I’d like to give them a chance to shine a little more brightly, so to speak, so more readers can benefit from them. To that end, we plan to occasionally use this space to feature an idea shared by a reader in response to a current or past blog post.

For example, in response to last month’s blog, “Are You Wiping Out Forests When You Wipe Your Hands?,” Movement member Linda Watson recently shared her “paper towel for the week” idea:

“It’s been difficult to get my husband out of the habit of using paper towels. However, when I explained that our Magnetic Enviro Cloth hanging on the side of the fridge is our Paper Towel for the week, it helped tremendously. Any spill, even on the floor, can be cleaned up with this cloth, then rinsed out. Thrown back on the side of the fridge to dry, it’s ready for the next spill! I’m loving our reusable napkins and still working on getting him to use these! Can’t wait to try the new kitchen wipes!!!! I want the day to come when he no longer adds Paper Towels on the shopping list!”

Thanks Linda!

And thanks to everyone else who’s shared their insights so far. We’re all in it together, and every little bit of knowledge and know-how we have empowers us to build a better world for us and for our families!

comment_2Got more ideas? You’re always welcome to email your thoughts and ideas directly to us If you’ve done a project you’d like to share, please also include a photo and how-tos!


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