Would You Wear the Same Dress for 100 Days in a Row?

One Teacher Takes a Stand Against Fast Fashion

To prove to her class how “fast fashion” is harmful to the planet and to teach her students about sustainability, a middle school teacher in the U.S. wore the same dress to work every day for 100 days. She washed it a few times a week and wore different accessories with it, but it was the very same dress every day as this video shows.

Teacher does One Outfit 100 Days challenge to teach students about sustainable fashion

This teacher took on a radical challenge to demonstrate how fast fashion hurts the planet.

Posted by SBS Australia on Friday, March 8, 2019

“Some people have questions about hygiene . . . because it suggests that somehow wearing different clothes each day equates with cleanliness. . . . These are separate issues to me.” Julie Mooney

What Is Fast Fashion?

Retailers use this term to speak to inexpensive versions of high-fashion pieces and how FAST they can move them from the catwalk to the retail outlet. Interested in other ways to slow it down a little? Read my blog, “On the Fast Track to Slow Fashion.”

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Would You Wear the Same Outfit for 100 Days in a Row

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