Party the Earth Friendly Way

Green Up Your Summer Celebrations

Ahhh, summer . . . when the fresh air and sunshine make hosting holiday parties, birthday bashes and backyard barbecues even more appealing. But is it possible to throw a party that’s fun, creative and eco-friendly? Turns out, it is. Here are nine easy ways we’ve found to green up your summer shindigs.


Send e-vites instead of paper invitations, and create your own decor using items you have on hand, like these from


Avoid one-time-use paper napkins, tablecloths and plasticware. Instead, use your regular tablecloth and display your everyday flatware, dishes and cloth napkins in pretty baskets to make a more elegant, Earth-friendly statement.


Even utensils and napkins made from recycled materials are more environmentally friendly than those made of virgin paper and plastic. (And if disposable simply can’t be avoided, look for those that are compostable or biodegradable.)


Serve water, tea and lemonade from pitchers instead of from plastic bottles. If you use plastic or paper cups for your drinks, be sure to set out a marker so people can write their names on their cups—and therefore be more likely to use only one.


Use additive-free charcoal, which emits less pollution than regular charcoal. And remember, gas, propane and electric grills burn more efficiently than wood or charcoal.


Speaking of grills, you’ll want to make sure yours is clean. Instead of a caustic, lye-based cleaner, use an enzyme-based oven and grill cleaner to reduce the chance of either accidentally ingesting or breathing in harmful chemicals.


Place a few clearly marked bins around the area for any recyclables, like plastic cups, two-liter bottles and aluminum cans.


Include a compost bin too, for any food that would otherwise be discarded.


Keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. Remove any standing water from the area and offer guests one of these 4 botanical repellents to protect against insects. For evening parties, citronella candles offer the double benefit of ambiance as well as insect control.

comment_2Do you plan to entertain outdoors this summer? What steps will you take to ensure your party is Earth-friendly? We’d love to hear from you! Just leave us a comment below.


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