The Roots of Something New: Packaging Made from Mushrooms!

Mycelium: A Biodegradable Replacement for Foam Packaging

Have you heard of mycelium? If you’ve read our blog post mentioning mushroom dresses you might have. But now this eco-friendly material is being used in even more new ways!

Ikea Is Replacing Their Polystyrene Packaging With Mushrooms!

Sometimes we feel like polystyrene packaging is unavoidable on things like big appliances, but not for long!

Posted by 1 Million Women on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

MushroomsWhat’s Mycelium?

Mycelium is the root system of certain types of mushrooms. This network of fine, white filaments can be grown and molded into shapes, then dried and used for all kinds of things—like packaging, acoustical materials and building projects.

Best of all once it has served its purpose, mycelium-based packaging can be composted and returned to nature in an almost-perfect, waste-free, pollution-free lifecycle.

MushroomsMushrooms Are Popping Up Everywhere!

It seems there’s no end to the kinds of things that are currently (or soon could be) made from the naturally antimicrobial mycelium. From bricks to furniture to leather, a wide variety of materials are finding new “roots” in this lightweight yet oh-so-strong substance.

Check out this video from Science Friday featuring Philip Ross, Chief Technology Officer of the San Francisco-based startup MycoWorks. He shares how his company uses mushrooms to create environmentally friendly products much faster and using less energy than it takes when using traditional materials.

MushroomsAmazing Mycelium

With all the remarkable qualities of mycelium, it’s no wonder that this substance is finding a home in more and more products! Here’s just a short list of some of the kinds of things that can be made from mycelium:

comment_2Do you think mushrooms will play an important role in the future of the automotive and housing industries? Would you purchase an item made from mycelium? Please share your thoughts with other readers in the comments below!


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