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France Leads the Way in Plastic Ban


“Au Revoir, Disposable Dinnerware”

Imagine packing up your family picnic basket and taking along compostable cups, forks and knives instead of single-use plasticware. In France, this could become the norm in less than four years!

Earlier this month, France introduced a nationwide ban on single-use plasticware as a way to reduce both environmental waste and energy consumption.


The plasticware ban will include:

  • Single-use plastic forks, knives and spoons
  • Plastic dishes and food boxes
  • Plastic glasses and goblets
  • Plastic cups, including those used in office coffee machines

Plastic bags have been banned in France since July of this year, but now the country is the world’s first to introduce a controversial wholesale ban on disposable plasticware.

Producers of plasticware have until 2020 to make the switch from plastic to cups, dishes and cutlery that must be made of 50% biologically sourced materials and can be composted at home.

Norwex Movement applauds this ban, especially in light of the fact that some experts fear there could be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Others, including an industry association representing Europe’s leading food-packaging manufacturers, claim the ban violates European Union laws regarding the free movement of goods.

Wondering how France’s recent ban could impact your picnic plans there four years from now? No worries, we’ve got you covered in these tips to make your next picnic more eco-friendly!


Right now, 150 single-use cups are thrown away every second in France! That over 4 billion a year!

comment_2We love that this type of disposable plastic will be eliminated from an entire country! How about in each of our members’ homes? What steps can we take to reduce the amount of plastic waste we generate every day? Let us hear from you! Feel free to leave your suggestion below.


Would you pay a little more for plant-based vs. plastic dinnerware?

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Amy Hepfner
Amy Hepfner(@amylmh)
5 years ago

Way to go France!!! Hopefully this will spread all across Europe! Let’s get the USA on board….one household at a time!!

Kristie Zemlicka
Kristie Zemlicka(@kristiez)
5 years ago

Kudos to you, France! I truly hope other countries soon follow suit. I firmly believe NO disposable products should be made from plastics – including water bottles, plastic bags, and containers for foods we purchase at the grocery stores. I already choose products packaged in paper/chipboard or glass over plastic even though they tend to cost more.

5 years ago

That is a really great idea, Kristie! Just imagine, if fewer things were packaged in plastic to begin with, then the problem of plastic in our landfills and waterways would automatically start to solve itself. By “voting with your pocketbook,” you’re helping to turn the tide of plastic and modeling what it looks like to be a very real part of the solution! Kudos to you!

Danielle Popejoy
Danielle Popejoy(@popejoy23)
5 years ago

This would be amazing in the U.S.!!! Use recyclable bags, and recycle all the plastic!

Jen Haralson
Jen Haralson(@jharalson)
5 years ago

This is a fantastic ruling, way to go France! I hope their example inspires other countries to move forward with similar legislation, as it’s the only way to significantly reduce these kinds of plastics. We do our best to avoid single-use, disposable items, but one family can barely make a dent!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jen Haralson

Keep up the good work, Jen. You may be just one family, but you ARE making a difference! We applaud you!

Linda Proctor
Linda Proctor(@lindap)
5 years ago

Having lived in France, they are way ahead on banning plastic bags – certainly as long as 12 years ago we would have to pay for bags, and would have boxes left in the car instead for shopping trips. Also going out to fetes and functions you would often be asked to bring your own covers i.e cutlery and often plates.

5 years ago
Reply to  Linda Proctor

It’s fascinating to see how various cultures create solutions to a worldwide problem. Thank you for sharing, Linda!

Melissa Short
Melissa Short(@schoolmomx5)
5 years ago

I don’t feel that there is a need to use plastic in anything today as far as cups, plates and utensils. There are plenty of paper options and using our utensils from home isn’t a bother. It’s hard seeing all of the waste that people throw away and they have the attitude, “Out of sight, out of mind. It’s gone from here” and they literally don’t see beyond the here and now and how it affects everything. I’m thankful for my continuing education with plastic, waste, chemical impacts, etc… and it’s exciting to watch my 18 yr old start to see the greater impact of all her choices on the world around her :).

Linda Watson
Linda Watson(@lapwatsongmail-com)
5 years ago

LOVE this! Let’s hope they are only the first of MANY to take this step! We can start by using a travel mug and /or refillable cup every day, eliminating the need for even one disposable cup! At Starbucks they gave me a small discount for having my tea in my refillable mug. So – it not only saves the environment, but saves money too!

Karen Ward
Karen Ward(@karenward)
5 years ago

This is awesome! We have started buying biodegradable plastic items for when we have company or just washing more dishes.

Tanya Aoyagi
Tanya Aoyagi(@spokanegreenclean)
5 years ago

That’s great news! I hope more places will follow France’s lead and keep our world healthy and safe for the future!

Jennifer Rottman
Jennifer Rottman(@jenniferrottman)
4 years ago

Would love to see the US on board. I think if we eat out less there would be less plastic waste.

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman(@domesticgeekgirl)
4 years ago

I like to buy disposable plates that I can compost in my backyard!