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Eco Friendly Gift Giving

Eco Friendly Gift Giving

In honor of our month of giving, some “eco friendly” holiday gift giving ideas and tips!

Save time, money, and the environment - consider giving someone a Norwex gift.

  • Buy an experience – Rather than buying a “thing”, buy a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, tickets to a show or to some event they want to attend.
  • Quality, not quantity – Higher quality items will last longer and be more appreciated.
  • Buy secondhand – Used, secondhand, vintage, antique scores points for uniqueness.
  • Make it Yourself – Create homemade products, such as jams or cookies, and package them in reusable friendly glass.
  • Buy Sustainable Products – Seek out eco conscious manufacturers for healthier, less environmentally toxic gifts, made of natural materials such as wood, metal, rubber, paper, cotton, wool, and coated with non toxic colors.
  • Give to Charity – Donate money, plant a tree, support their favorite church or charitable organization in their name.

Most importantly, you are “paying it forward” — Eco-conscious gift giving is also an opportunity for you to encourage others to be mindful of their own world and health too!

Christmas gifts 2014 - Norwex
Herein, we present our first annual Norwex Gift Giving Guide!

Norwex 2014 Gift Guide
Amazon Kindle Voyage eReader $199
Amazon Kindle eReader $79
Record Clock $38 (made with recycled materials)
Candle Projector $48 (uses non-toxic & clean burning oil)
Norwex Pitch the Plastic Collectioncontact your consultant

Handmade Silk Tie $32 (fair trade product)
Eco-Friendly Rancher Shirt $79 (fair trade product)
Eco-Friendly Hoodie Sweater $48 (fair trade product)
Olive and Bronze Organic Socks $15 (organic)
Norwex Microfiber Bath Towels with BacLock™contact your consultant

Brass Bracelets $65 (made with sustainable metals)
Vegetable Dyed Wooden Bangles $10 (Community Friendly Movement product)
Organic Jersey Cardigan $145 (fair trade product)
Optic Scarfcontact your consultant

Wood Dollhouse $240 (made with sustainable materials)
Knit Teddy Bear $28 (fair trade product)
Organic Long John Set $34 (organic)
Wood Toys $12+ (made with sustainable materials)
Children’s Organic Paint Kit $20 (organic)
Norwex Kids EnviroCloth™ with BacLock™ contact your consultant

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8 years ago

all wonderful ideas – thanks!

Lynn Crane
Lynn Crane
7 years ago

We love taking an amount of gift money and spending it on a family in need around the holidays. We all can sacrifice a little of our extra blessings.

7 years ago
Reply to  Lynn Crane

What a lovely way to enjoy the Season. Thanks for sharing, Lynn!

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
6 years ago

Love gift guides, this is worth bookmarking for later reference…