Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

In the spirit of the coming holidays, here are a few eco friendly ways you can wrap gifts and conserve resources too!

  • Use what you already have – Find inspiration by repurposing things you already have lying around – attractive shopping bags, gift boxes you have saved, newspaper comics, store ads, catalogs, magazine pages, old maps, old calendars.
  • Buy sensibly – Look for paper and bags that can eventually be recycled, fabric remnants from garage sales or thrift stores are inexpensive but great ways to wrap gifts.
  • Less is more – A pretty ribbon or bow, a handmade drawing, or a personal note, goes far in decorating an otherwise simple brown bag or box wrapper.
  • Get creative – Have your kids decorate the paper wrapping or label, or decorate it yourself. Reuse an old ribbon or bow from a prior gift. Buy rubber stamps and ink and go to town on a plain paper wrapper!
  • Use imaginative and unconventional wrappers:

    • Scarf, thin towel, shirt or blanket – Make the container part of the gift!Some Norwex Dust Mitts Under Your Chimney Make a Great Gift and a Great Christmas Stocking Too Furoshiki is the ancient Japanese art of wrapping gifts in scarves, and the recipient gets a bonus gift too! The Norwex microfiber kitchen towel is the perfect gift wrapper for small items.
    • Bottles, jars – Ideal for homemade jam, or anything, really.
    • Decorative cardboard gift boxes – An easy and quick way to “wrap” a gift.
    • Tins – Thankfully, the art of printing pretty tins is not obsolete.
    • Reusable cloth bags – Easy and quick, and useful.
    • Brown paper bags – Amazing how far some tissue paper, ribbons, sparkles, and imagination can go in decorating an otherwise plain bag.
    • Functional container – Our Norwex reusable produce bags or dusting mitt is a great way to present any gift and is a gift in itself.

Eco Friendly and Green Gift Wrapping Ideas For This Holiday Season
Furoshiki Wrapping – Pinterest

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