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Chemical-Free Summer : Water Conservation


We all want to conserve water. And there are many obvious water conservation methods, from not running your automatic sprinklers in the rain to keeping them off of the sidewalk and street. Here are a few more ways to conserve water and stay green!

Water Conservation

  • Showers instead of baths. A low flow shower head uses about 2 gallons per minute, whereas the average bath uses about 30 gallons
  • Turn off the water while brushing.
  • Put dropped ice cubes into a house plant or the yard rather than the sink
  • Use a rain barrel to collect water for plants lawns and car washing

Here are a few more resources to get you started!

DIY Rain Barrel
Showers Vs. Baths
Water saving tips

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Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
4 years ago

Great tips.. I wish more areas let rain barrels be legal!

Samantha Yule
Samantha Yule
3 years ago

Never thought of putting dropped ice cubes in my plants! Good tips!

Lauren Rogers
Lauren Rogers
1 year ago

DIY rain barrel on my to-do list!!