Really Charming or Just Really Old?

Toss It or Keep It?

How to know if that broken, stained or otherwise messed-up object can be saved or if it’s a goner. Third in a series from HGTV Magazine, November 2017.

Dilemma: You found a funky, cool mirror at the thrift store but it is speckled with dark spots. Is it worth buying or is it really just junk?

An Antique Mirror with Black Spots

An Antique Mirror with Black Spots“The splotches are due to moisture or cleaner residue that oxidized the glass,” says Ann Igelbrink, a vice president at Christie’s auction house. The only solution is resilvering, a pricey process that involves stripping the piece with heavy-duty chemicals and reapplying silver nitrate. Consider the spots part of the charm—and part of the mirror’s worth, if it’s really old. Says Igelbrink, “A mirror plate surviving for centuries is nothing short of a miracle, so don’t alter it!”

Charming Heirloom or Eyesore?

comment_2Do you have an antique mirror or other family keepsake that has been passed down through the generations? Tell us if you want to treasure it, sell it or just donate it in the comments below.

Have you tried to upcycle or restore an item instead of buying new?

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