Do You Need to Come Clean?

Toss It or Keep It?

How to know if that broken, stained or otherwise messed-up object can be saved or if it’s a goner. Fourth in a series from HGTV Magazine, November 2017.

Dilemma: You may look great in Spandex®, but your gym clothes smell bad enough to send the gym rats scurrying.

Gym Clothes that Smell Like the Gym

Smelly Laundry“Surprisingly, too much laundry detergent could be the problem,” says Mary Zeitler, global lead consumer scientist at Whirlpool Corporation. It leaves a residue that bacteria can feed on. Mix with sweat, and boom: a bad smell. Be sure to use the correct amount of detergent, specifically for workout clothes, made to fight sports odors instead of masking them with fragrance. Another option is odor-resistant workout gear—it’s not foolproof but might reduce stink.

Keeping It Fresh

comment_2What’s your secret weapon against gym clothes that reek? Share it in the comments below.

Do you replace stinky workout clothes?

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