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Do You Need to Come Clean?

Do You Need to Come Clean?

Toss It or Keep It?

How to know if that broken, stained or otherwise messed-up object can be saved or if it’s a goner. Fourth in a series from HGTV Magazine, November 2017.

Dilemma: You may look great in Spandex®, but your gym clothes smell bad enough to send the gym rats scurrying.

Gym Clothes that Smell Like the Gym

Smelly Laundry“Surprisingly, too much laundry detergent could be the problem,” says Mary Zeitler, global lead consumer scientist at Whirlpool Corporation. It leaves a residue that bacteria can feed on. Mix with sweat, and boom: a bad smell. Be sure to use the correct amount of detergent, specifically for workout clothes, made to fight sports odors instead of masking them with fragrance. Another option is odor-resistant workout gear—it’s not foolproof but might reduce stink.

Keeping It Fresh

comment_2What’s your secret weapon against gym clothes that reek? Share it in the comments below.

Do you replace stinky workout clothes?

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Bethany Spaulding
Bethany Spaulding(@bdmspaulding)
4 years ago

If my clothes are really stinky, I add a little baking soda & vinegar to my regular Norwex laundry detergent. It seems to help get the smell out.

Tracy Tapscott
Tracy Tapscott(@ttapscott)
4 years ago

Ultra Power Plus from Laundry Detergent from Norwex! And a cup of baking powder.

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman(@domesticgeekgirl)
4 years ago


Kim Metzger
Kim Metzger(@kimetzger)
4 years ago

Before throwing out stinky clothes I try several things. 1. wash with no soaps or additives. 2. wash with Norwex detergent and baking soda added to the drum before adding clothes. 3. wash with ammonia added in bleach compartment.
It isn’t just work out clothes. I recently bought a pair of corduroy pants at a thrift store they REAKED of fabric softener. That did not mix well with my asthma. I tried all the above. By then the Norwex Odor eliminator I ordered came in so I could try it. I added a capful to the soap compartment and the bleach compartment. This is what finally worked! I’m so grateful for Norwex.

Cheryl Kydd
Cheryl Kydd(@notkyddin55)
4 years ago

Use Odour Eliminator in the rinse compartment, or plain old white vinegar.

Cheryl Kydd
Cheryl Kydd(@notkyddin55)
4 years ago

And oh, the new Liquid Laundry Detergent would probably work all on its own to remove odours!

4 years ago

My hot yoga clothes do not stink, but I use UPP from Norwex. Less soap used, no fillers for a feeding frenzy with bacteria. Kids soccer clothes clean and fresh. Good all around.

Fay Thomas
Fay Thomas(@fluffygrammahugs)
4 years ago

My go to way to eliminate odour, I use Norwex Odour Eliminator in the rinse cycle. I put it in the spot where fabric softener would go.

Lucy Arnett
Lucy Arnett(@newbieatnorwex)
4 years ago

Not now, I always used too much detergent!!!

Sharon Campese
Sharon Campese(@sharon313)
4 years ago

My husband is guilty of the ‘too much laundry detergent syndrome’. Since switching to Norwex detergents not only is the laundry softer, it has no artificial fragrance AND I don’t have to clean the washing machine as often. Win Win!

Heather Wiese
Heather Wiese(@heather)
4 years ago

I have never experienced stinky workout clothes after laundering.

Audrey Hansen
Audrey Hansen(@audreyhansencomcast-net)
4 years ago

Any suggestions for my recent dilemma? My grandson was taking high doses of DHA (fish oil capsules) for a concussion. He and his clothes reeked of fish. One wash load in my HE washer and dryer and now the appliances are stinky, causing all loads to smell like fish! I did UPP and the liquid soap. I added vinegar to the extended load, I added odor eliminator several times. I sanitized the washer with bleach and UPP without a load of clothes. UGH! My only saving grace was to add a little scented oils to a wool dryer ball at the end of the loads so we could stand to use things. HELP

Donna Allen
Donna Allen(@da66jm)
4 years ago

My HS freshman, daughter, will not wash her cross country clothes without UPP. She noticed a big difference in the results after using UPP, they were much cleaner and less odor. One of my biggest problems was deodorant build up and odor in my good sweaters. This is what got me hooked on UPP. I tried every Pinterest idea and detergent but could never get the deodorant or odor out. I usually hand wash my sweaters in a basin, rinse, then rinse-spin in washer. I used the UPP and Odor Control, let the sweaters soak for a few hours. I scrubbed the arm pits where the deodorant was and was surprised to see it come right out!! It worked on all of my sweaters!! When the Liquid Laundry Detergent came out I added it into the basin with the UPP. The sweaters came out with a nice clean scent from the liquid detergent. I started using both detergents in the wash for all my loads. UPP in the “prewash” and Liquid Detergent in the “wash”. I have not needed to… Read more »

Lia Thompson
Lia Thompson(@liashine)
3 years ago

Hadn’t known it was too much powder causing it. I ve not had an issue since switched to upp.

Nancy Padulsky
Nancy Padulsky(@npadulsky)
2 years ago

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