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3 Reasons Bamboo Is on the Rise

3 Reasons Bamboo Is on the Rise

Bamboo: The Wonder Tree?

Actually, bamboo is a grass. But what an amazing grass it is! Here’s why:

First, bamboo grows up to 10 times faster and matures more rapidly than most types of trees. Second, it is a very durable plant. It requires less water and almost no pesticides for its growth. Finally, any product that is made of bamboo will eventually decompose and become nutrient-rich soil.

It is these key attributes that are spurring various environmentalist groups to try to raise awareness, change people’s living habits and encourage them to use bamboo instead of wood.

Is There Nothing We Can’t Make from Bamboo?

Bamboo Medicine

From food to alcohol and medicine—even toilet tissue and biofuel, lots of things can be made from bamboo. For years, scientists and entrepreneurs have been experimenting with the multiple uses of bamboo and are still constantly discovering new applications.

Getting Rid of the Wood

One such creative entrepreneur is Mylen Fe Yamamoto, Founder and Creator of Cropmade, whose mission is to leave behind a greener environment for future generations. The company’s first product is Cropsticks—chopsticks made from bamboo instead of wood, which come with their own detachable stand. Yamamoto got the idea for Cropsticks on a flight to Asia, when her chopsticks kept rolling off of her tray table.

After more research, she realized that if she was going to move forward with her invention, her product should use sustainable materials. That’s why Cropsticks are made from fast-growing bamboo. The grass grows right back when it’s harvested, unlike trees, which are usually gone forever after they’re cut down.

From the Forests to the Runways

Long ago, bamboo was used for corsets and bustles, and now it’s experiencing a revival in popularity. New production techniques have contributed to the increase of bamboo clothing in the fashion industry. You may not realize it, but you probably already have some clothes in your closet that are made of bamboo. Clothing can be made from 100% bamboo, or it can be combined with other materials like hemp or spandex. It’s also being made into things like hats, bags and shoes—even jewelry.

Bamboo from plant to Fabric

Building a Better House

Bamboo is also becoming the builder’s favorite choice for flooring, roofing and furniture. It’s an ideal substitute for wood since it not only grows and matures quickly, but it’s also resistant to annoying pests like termites.

Many more products utilize bamboo instead of wood, such as umbrellas, air fresheners, and record player needles. Even blades for wind turbines are now being made with bamboo.

Bamboo Is a Better Option

Earth Growing Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most sustainable crops. It flourishes all over the world and there are many different types and variations of bamboo. Although most of them are tropical species, bamboo can tolerate a variety of climates so it can be grown just about anywhere. It’s durable, versatile, and as you can see, lots of things can be made from it.

Did You Know Bamboo is all the Rage

Bamboo is all the rage. Click here to discover more uses for bamboo.

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Mary Zaragoza
Mary Zaragoza
4 years ago

We purchased Bamboo Flooring from home Depot 8 yrs ago. It was made in China and has a 30 yr warranty on it. We are very dissatisfied and disappointed in this product. It scratches, mares and joints have shrunken so badly that there are gaps in all the rooms. Home Depot never followed up with our complaint and I don’t have the time and energy to pursue compensation for this product. This flooring was constructed with formaldehyde and has to be ripped out and replaced. I thought I was being eco friendly and hopefully bamboo flooring is made better today. I would suggest anyone purchasing bamboo flooring do a lot of research before installing it your home

Leigh-Ann Ross
Leigh-Ann Ross(@leighannross)
4 years ago

I love that there are changes being made! Bamboo sounds like a fantastic alternative!

Amy Hepfner
Amy Hepfner(@amylmh)
4 years ago

I love the look of bamboo “wood”. It’s beautiful and very durable.

Linda Proctor
Linda Proctor(@lindap)
4 years ago

Years ago on visit to Hong Kong we were amazed to see them using bamboo scaffolding, even on relative high rises. They said it was every bit as strong as metal but obviously much lighter to manoeuvre.

Sharon Campese
Sharon Campese(@sharon313)
4 years ago

Love my bamboo products: from sheets to clothespins.

Ivy Jones
Ivy Jones(@ivy4jones)
4 years ago

I love Bamboo! Just bought some socks made from bamboo. It has a great feeling and will all cycle back to the Earth!

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman(@domesticgeekgirl)
4 years ago

I have been looking into bamboo flooring.. seems like it would be a gorgeous and eco-friendly choice!

7 months ago

I had bamboo nursing bra tanks. They were the most comfortable ones I owned. Used them for years even after nursing 2 kiddos. We also have bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators. Two different kinds. The carbonized is more durable and has held up much better than the plain.