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Are You Washing Your Clothes in Chemicals?

Are You Washing Your Clothes in Chemicals?

Dryer Sheets, Softeners and Sprays! Oh My!

With all the time-savers available to us these days, how is it that most of us still seem to have so little of it? Take our moms and grandmothers, for example. They probably needed an entire day just to launder and iron shirts, dresses and blouses. But now? I venture to guess that many of us may not even own an iron, preferring instead to rely on fabric softeners, dryer sheets and/or wrinkle-removing sprays to prevent or remove unsightly creases from our clothing.

laundryIf this is you, it’s nice to have these “iron alternatives,” isn’t it? They do save time and energy—not to mention valuable space in your laundry room! But did you know that some of these products come with a hidden cost? Many of these them may contain harmful chemicals that could be putting your health, as well as your family’s, at risk.

Because your clothes come into direct contact with your skin, it’s important to be aware of the chemicals you may be inadvertently coating them in.

Here’s a quick overview of a few of the questionable chemicals found in some of the most popular laundry products on the market today:

Synthetic “Fragrances”

fragranceMost fabric softeners, dryer sheets and wrinkle release sprays include this mysterious ingredient. But the specific chemicals included in “fragrance” are not legally required to be disclosed, so who knows what this term really means? “Fragrance” is often a convenient category allowed by regulatory agencies and used by major manufacturers to cloak a variety of harmful chemicals, like phthalates, so the public remains unaware. The best advice is to scan labels and look for natural fragrances or none at all.

Synthetic Dyes

dyesWhile it may seem strange that a laundry product would contain a dye, you’d be surprised. Ingredients like the food coloring Red 40 Lake are found in Downy Wrinkle Release spray, and Liquitint™ Blue can be found in detergents like Tide HE. Dyes have been known to trigger chemical sensitivity, resulting in contact dermatitis, stuffy noses, headaches and other symptoms. Look for products that contain no dyes.


parabenIncluding butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben—some researchers have expressed concern about these chemicals, used as preservatives in not only laundry products but also personal care products. They have been shown to mimic estrogen and have been found in breast cancer tumors. Scan your labels to make sure your laundry products don’t have these ingredients.

While we appreciate the value of most time-saving products at our disposal today, it’s also wise to be aware of the chemicals that can lurk in products like fabric softeners, dryer sheets and some wrinkle-removing sprays.


Do you remember to research and check labels of the products you use on your family’s clothes? We’d love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.


Even homemade wrinkle release recipes that include fabric softeners could be adding chemicals to your clothing!


Do you look for laundry products that contain fewer chemicals?

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Amy Hepfner
Amy Hepfner(@amylmh)
5 years ago

I used to use an “organic” laundry detergent, until Norwex came into my life! I then reread the ingredients list on the detergent I was using and realized that it wasn’t as “organic” as they led me to believe!! Thank you Norwex!!

Heather Stevens
Heather Stevens(@madlea)
5 years ago

I only use UPP now and green dryer balls from Norwex

Karen Codrington
Karen Codrington(@karen-codrington)
5 years ago

My laundry products are only Norwex – love them!

Phil Morris
Phil Morris(@poomah)
5 years ago

I’ve always had problems with fragrances. They make my eyes water and my skin crawl. So I never used dryer sheets and most fabric softeners stink to me. The recent push for “clear” or “clean” detergents has been great, but now we use Norwex.

Linda Watson
Linda Watson(@lapwatsongmail-com)
5 years ago

I always appreciate your posts Amy and I love sharing them on my VIP Facebook Group. It helps tremendously to get our important message across! Thanks!

5 years ago
Reply to  Linda Watson

Thanks for sharing them Linda! So glad to know we’re making a collective difference together!

Melissa Short
Melissa Short(@schoolmomx5)
5 years ago

We only use Ultra Power Plus Detergent and the Wool Dryer Balls now. Not only has it saved a TON of money with the detergent usage, but our electricity usage from running the dryer is noticeable from our electric bill. I will tell you that I’m a HUGE skeptic! I only used UPP for the first 6 months with my Norwex. I still used my homemade detergent because I liked it. My oldest daughter has severe eczema and I told her to try it on her laundry. I threw in my son’s white/stained football jersey because it needed washed. It came out with NO STAINS! That right there blew me away. My daughter’s issued with eczema have greatly decreased too 🙂

Leah Rissien
Leah Rissien(@tinyturtle7)
5 years ago

If you had told me 2 years ago that I would give up fabric softener, I would not have believed you. Now I couldn’t be happier with my wool dryer balls. I would never go back!

Brittany Burns
Brittany Burns(@brittburns)
5 years ago

So thankful for the alternatives Norwex offers! I can rest assured that my laundry routine is safe for my family and the environment!

Anne Baudouin
Anne Baudouin(@nuttyoma)
5 years ago

I have been using UPP from Norwex ever since I learned about it. My clothes are clean and my mind is as ease. I had not previously realized the chemicals I had been washing with.

Katie Farris
Katie Farris
5 years ago

No I use Norwex. Cannot stand smell of fabric softners now or almost any cleaner. Some people think I am being difficult. Like my husband haha. But after he found out the money he was saving and better for our Health he was fine.

Judy Gistinger
Judy Gistinger(@judygistinger-yahoo-com)
5 years ago

I’m currently using Norwex laundry products (and most of everything they offer)Prior to that, I used Shaklee products, been around the longest with tons of research. So have used truly “green” products for many years and happy that it is becoming more main-stream knowledge

Lindsay Fleischmann
Lindsay Fleischmann(@lindsayfleischmann)
5 years ago

So thankful my eyes were opened by a good friend (and now leader)! We only use Norwex products in the laundry room!

Jennifer Rottman
Jennifer Rottman(@jenniferrottman)
4 years ago

It wasn’t till Norwex did I give any thought to dyes and chemicals in laundry detergent.

Teri Worth
Teri Worth(@tworth10)
4 years ago

We have completely eliminated traditional laundry soap and dryer sheets. We now use Norwex’s Ultra Power Plus detergent and the wool dryer balls exclusively and are very pleased with the results. Our clothes and towels are clean and smell freshly laundered just like they would before but without the harmful chemical additives. Thank you Norwex, for the nudge into a safer, healthier means of doing laundry.

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman(@domesticgeekgirl)
4 years ago

Yes, this is why I switched to UPP!

Kate Mckinney
Kate Mckinney(@katemckinney23)
2 years ago

Norwex laundry soap for the win! We all have sensitive skin and haven’t had problems since we switched over!