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What Is the “It” Tree of 2019?

What Is the "It" Tree of 2019?

5 Plants to Liven Up Any Décor

I came across this blog about trendy houseplants the other day and couldn’t help but wonder: Really? Houseplants . . . ? Trendy? The idea intrigued me a little. I’ve never given much thought to houseplants, other than that they’re pretty and offer a welcome touch of green. (Plus, I have to acknowledge that I don’t necessarily have the best track record when it comes to keeping them alive!) Oh, and I also know that certain plants can help clear indoor air of toxins.

But apparently certain varieties of houseplant are actually trending now. Here’s why:

1Dracaena Janet Craig (aka “Corn Plant”)

Dracaena aka Corn PlantAccording to Joyce Mast at Bloomscape, “The Dracaena Janet Craig is incredibly easy to care for and will adapt to nearly all light conditions. The biggest tip [we have] for keeping this plant healthy is to not overwater it.” As an added bonus, NASA cites this plant for its ability to remove harmful chemicals from the air.

2Ficus Audrey Tree

Ficus TreeWith its beautiful white trunk and velvety green leaves, the Ficus Audrey is the “it” tree of 2019, according to Greenery NYC’s Rebecca Bullene. Just know that it can be a little finicky, so follow these tips from GardeningKnowHow.com for its care.

3Pilea Peperomioides (aka the “friendship plant” or “Chinese money plant”)

Pilea Peperomioides aka Money PlantPopular for a while now, this plant with the coin-shaped leaves does best in dappled sunlight, says Erin Marino from The Sill. It’s also considered to be one of several plants that are pet-friendly. Find tips for caring for this much-sought-after plant here.

4Zamia Furfuracea (aka “cardboard palm”)

Zamia FurFuracea aka Cardboard PlamRebecca Bullene predicts, “Expect to see this in the hippest shops and cafes and gracing the desks of designers and trendsetters this year.” This hard-to-kill bush (not a palm tree, despite its name) can be grown as a houseplant and loves lots of light. Just be warned: All parts of it are highly toxic, so be sure to keep it away from pets.


SucculentsDid you know that the term “succulent” includes a wide variety of plants, in fact many that are not related to one another? Erin Marino says, “Botanically speaking, the term succulent refers to any plant that has evolved adaptations to survive hot arid environments.” For a unique look that requires very little care, try grouping several different succulents together in a sunny spot of your home.

Can’t Decide on Just One?

Check out these ideas from BalconyGardenWeb.com for creating your own beautiful plant wall to mix and match as you please!

comment_2What houseplants do you love most and why? Please share with other readers in the comments below.


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