How Biking with the Family Helps You Stay Healthy

Eco-Friendly Activities for You and Your Family

Spring is springing! What better time to venture outdoors with your family and enjoy some fresh air and fun! Biking can provide the perfect “vehicle,” so to speak, combining adventure, activity and a chance to relish the scenery. And as if the thrill of warm spring sunshine and the wind in your hair weren’t enough, biking also provides a basketful of physical and cognitive benefits, too!

Benefits of biking

Did you know that biking helps with disease prevention? According to, “Studies from Purdue University have shown that regular cycling can cut your risk of heart disease by 50 percent.” The article goes on to say that moderate to frequent exercise, including cycling, may even help prevent cancer. But there’s more! Other benefits of biking include:
How Biking with the Family Helps You Stay Healthy

  • It gives your cardiovascular system a workout
  • It gets joints moving
  • It exercises your leg muscles, which keeps them strong and maintains stamina
  • It facilitates weight loss
  • It’s low impact (no pounding on the knees, feet, ankles or hips)
  • It elevates your mood
  • It helps relieve anxiety
  • It increases stress resistance
  • It staves off depression
  • Biking with your family sets a great example of physical activity for your children
  • It’s eco-friendly and can be done in cities and towns or more natural, scenic settings

Biking has even been shown to boost brainpower. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research showed that people scored higher on tests of memory, reasoning and planning after 30 minutes of spinning on a stationary bike than they did before they rode. They also completed the tests faster after pedaling.

Perhaps best of all, biking is a wonderful way for the whole family to spend time together. Little ones can ride along with mom or dad on a child bike seat, and older kids can ride their own bikes, either with or without training wheels. Because it’s a low-impact sport, even grandparents can join in the fun! Just make sure the whole gang straps on helmets and kneepads for protection against any spills or tumbles, and use sunblock to protect your skin against UV rays.


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National Bike to Work Day

National Bike to Work Day is May 20!

In support of our mission of reducing chemicals and plastics in the environment, Norwex Movement wishes you a happy National Bike to Work Day!

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