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Clean Formulas and Clean Conscience


Reduce Chemicals in your Home

Clean Formulas and Clean Conscience: Learn how you can help yourself and others reduce chemicals in your homes as well as the environment. Chief Marketing Officer Amy Cadora shares about the “dirty” chemicals lurking in everyday products and how we can all have a cleaner conscience when we use fewer chemicals and create less waste. Amy shows you how taking small, conscious steps can make a big difference for a healthier planet. Armed with greater awareness and knowledge, you can more confidently share the Norwex Mission with your team, customers, friends and family.

Chemicals of concern 2014 direct video link

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Helen Bassett
Helen Bassett
7 years ago

What have we done to our earth??? It is scary to think how toxic we are and now we have to bring the awareness and knowledge to the world!

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
4 years ago

Those photos in the video are simply sobering… that bird photo, omg!! 🙁