Let’s Ride

Dallas Team Let's Ride EventThis past weekend marked the first annual Norwex R.A.C.E event. Around the globe, Norwex Consultants, friends and Home Office staff biked and walked in support of reducing chemicals in our homes and environment. Here in the Dallas area, we dedicated our R.A.C.E. to the Coppell Nature Park, just around the corner from our offices in Coppell.



We biked and walked to the park and then started off on our project to help the park—laying mulch on a brand-new trail. We learned much about this unique nature park, and the more we learned, the more we realized what a perfect fit this park was for Norwex! The park was actually initiated 10 years ago by the children of Coppell—a small group of citizens began asking the youth, from kindergarten through high school, what could be created in Coppell that would foster a philosophy of community service and support classroom education. And their unanimous answer? To create a nature park dedicated to providing a real-world laboratory for the study of physical and environmental sciences, Coppell Nature Park, butterfly and flowerconservation techniques, environmentally friendly construction, solar power, geo-thermal energy, rain water collection and much more. These visionary students then worked with adult mentors to plan, design and develop this remarkable 66-acre nature park and education facility. Amazing that a small group of children and youth conceived, organized and promoted this park from its concept all the way through its ultimate development! We learned today that this park is run exclusively by volunteers and that it has taken some 20,000 volunteer hours to make it a reality.

Reminds us of the famous quote by cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens [even kids!] can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Coppel Nature Park VolunteerThe park is now moving toward its ultimate goal of being an education center on science and nature, teaching children key elements of living in balance with nature. The hope of the Park’s board of directors is that in teaching the children about the beauty of nature and how to preserve it, they will take this message back into their homes, share it with their parents and families, and ultimately effect a change in their own homes. Sounds a lot like they are changing the world, one home at a time! It was so inspiring for our team to have an opportunity to help this small group of volunteers, and in turn to share the Norwex legacy on the trail!


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