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Norwex Employees Share Their Holiday Traditions

Norwex Employees Share Their Holiday Traditions

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

The holidays are a joyous time of year all over the world, with lots to celebrate and to be grateful for. We asked some of our Norwex Home Office Family in various countries to share what they love most about this special season. Here’s what they had to say . . .

comment_2What are some of the things you most enjoy about the holiday season? We’d love to hear from you. Just leave us a comment below!


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Mickie Crick
Mickie Crick(@mcrick0007)
5 years ago

I enjoy the excitement on my kids faces as we decorate for Christmas. We also are going to the Xtreme conference the day after Christmas (Christian praise and worship week long trip) and I’must excited about seeing the youth connect with God on another level! God bless!
Mickie C.

Rhonda Hector
Rhonda Hector(@rhonda-hector)
5 years ago

Going to church on Christmas Eve and hearing the gospel of the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ as told to us through the children of our congregation! The true meaning of Christmas! And then….I can celebrate with family friends presents and all the goodies of the season !!!!

Karen Lindquist
Karen Lindquist(@kalin)
5 years ago

I love the whole holiday! The baking, the food, snuggling with the grandkids, the telling of the Christmas story, playing games, drinking coffee and cocoa, going on sleigh rides, singing Christmas carrols and watching the old classic Christmas movies!
God’s Blessings for a very merry Christmas in your home!

Carrie Minturn
Carrie Minturn(@lattegirl89)
5 years ago

I loved this post! Very fun to hear from Norwex employees around the world. I love that Norwex is a global company.

Melissa Short
Melissa Short(@schoolmomx5)
5 years ago

Spending time with my family. Making time with my girlie friends to enjoy each other thru the busy season. My kiddos love driving around listening to Christmas music, looking at lights. We seem to play more board games since Family is priority during this time. Of course, what’s Christmas without our annual tradition trip of going to Frankenmuth, MI with my parents. We’ve been taking this trip yearly since 1990 🙂

Kimberley Russell
Kimberley Russell(@kimmie)
5 years ago

Definitely starting off with the Christmas Eve church service, then the whole family getting together Christmas Day. We would open our stockings through out the day as each siblings family arrives. Then we would have our Christmas supper. Once the leftovers are put away and everything is cleaned up, we would then open the presents. Present opening would usually start around 6 pm and sometimes wouldn’t end until almost 11 as only 1 gift was opened at a time. This way everyone got to see what everyone else got and the gift giver was thanked. And of course my father had to take a picture of each person’s reaction to their gift. This made for a full day of Christmas excitement!
This is a tradition that started with my father’s family and we have continued it.

Karen Codrington
Karen Codrington(@karen-codrington)
5 years ago

Love making the gingerbread house and having the children decorate it – and then destroy it Christmas day!
I also love sharing my home mage egg nog with the adults- yum.

Cindy Cohen
Cindy Cohen(@mrschc)
5 years ago

We all gather at night and watch dad light tiki lights in the 10 foot tall menorah in our front yard and say the blessing together. We then open a gift each night starting with the youngest to the oldest. Some nights we play draydel. Other nights we just enjoy the potato latkes and brisket. The hand ground latkes are a family favorite.

Dianne Miller
Dianne Miller(@diannemiller16)
5 years ago

I am a nativity scene collector since the beginning of our marriage, almost 48 years ago. Over the course of time, I have amassed 87, from small tree ornaments to many piece sets. The day after Thanksgiving, my husband and I start unpacking the sets for display around our home. It is quite a chore, but one I thoroughly enjoy every year. It helps me to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas — of our Christ, the Savior of the World, who came into this world as a tiny babe, just like each of us. It helps me to remember that “Jesus IS the reason for the season!” Thank you God for loving me so much.

5 years ago

It’s so heart-warming to read each of your traditions and memories surrounding this very special season! Thanks to everyone for sharing!

Michelle Zappetillo
Michelle Zappetillo(@mzappetillo)
5 years ago

When my kids were younger we enjoyed putting up and decorating the tree together and setting out the nativity set. Now that they are older, this tradition does not always happen.

Jennifer Rottman
Jennifer Rottman(@jenniferrottman)
4 years ago

I enjoy getting to see family, baking, and seeing my kids face light up.

Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman(@domesticgeekgirl)
4 years ago

Every year we go to a local tree farm and ride the real steam powered mini train they have… it’s become an annual tradition!