Eco-Friendly Activities for You and Your Family:  Visiting Your Local Farmers Market

Visit a Farmers Market

Summer and Fall are a wonderful time for some eco-friendly activities that you can share with your family. Here’s a fun and educational activity you can do with your kids that will also encourage them to start caring for the environment.

By visiting a farmers market, you can support your local farmers and let your kids help you pick out the fruits and vegetables they want to eat for dinner later. Remember to bring your reusable shopping bags so you can avoid the use of plastic bags, and make it an even more eco-friendly experience!

Benefits of Buying Locally

  • It supports family farms and helps your local economy.
  • Local fruits and vegetables are often organically grown, so they’re fresher, tastier and have fewer chemicals on them.
  • It’s a great way to connect with your community, and helps to lower the impact of pollution caused by excessive packaging and the number of “food miles,” or the amount of travel required to get the produce to the consumer.

So drop by your local farmers market with your children today, and show them how to make a difference in your local economy and with the environment as well!

Got any other fun and eco-friendly activities that you and your family like to do? Please feel free to share in the comment sections below – we’d love to hear from you!


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