With 2014 the first full year for my Norwex R.A.C.E. blog, the year end break is a natural opportunity to review the past year’s successes.

Here are some standouts.

share the love recycled commitmtent heart

  1. Share the Love – Food Dyes
  2. 20 Tips for Creating Safer Havens
  3. Chemical Free Summer – Home Pests
  4. One Less – Avoiding Plastics
  5. One Less – Energy Conservation
  6. Chemical Free Summer – Greener Lawns
  7. One Less Plastic Bottle – Save Our Earth
  8. Back to School – TransportationNorwex RACE Chemical Free Zone Logo
  9. Chemical Free Summer – Pest Control
  10. Less Toxic Living

In the coming months, I will be further examining toxic chemicals, in our foods and our personal care items. I have an upcoming series of blogs focused on our Norwex Intentions. Stick with us!

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