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20 Tips for Creating Safer Havens: Tips 1 – 5


Tips for Creating Safer Havens

Have you heard? Norwex officially turns 20 this year! In honor of two decades of improving quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care, we’re offering up our Top 20 Tips for Creating Safer Havens. Use these first five to get started, and check back each week this month for the next five!
Elecrtic freshener over blue background1. Stop using air fresheners. We chose this as our top tip for a reason. Rather than actually freshening the air, most rely on toxic chemicals that fool your nose by masking odors. Many also contain high levels of chemicals like phthalates, which are known endocrine disruptors. Ventilate by opening a window, or use plants to filter the air. To rid the air of unpleasant odors, set out some baking soda or a bowl of vinegar. Essential oils are another natural fragrance alternative. Enzyme-based Norwex Odour Eliminator is also great way to freshen the air naturally.

2. Be wary of window cleaners. Most window cleaners contain ammonia, which can cause headaches and even respiratory problems. In fact, when ammonia is mixed with other cleaners, a toxic gas can result. And because their colors and scents can be mistaken for juices, these types of cleaners are especially dangerous in homes with small children. Plain water and a soft cloth such as the Norwex Window Cloth are just as effective for cleaning windows and the other glass in your home. Bonus: Try adding a couple of drops of lemon juice to the water for a pleasant citrus scent.

Liquid Soap3. Avoid antibacterial soap. Despite all the hype, this kind of soap hasn’t proven to be any more effective at getting hands clean than natural soaps. Triclosan is the ingredient that makes most of these soaps “antibacterial,” but research suggests that it may be an endocrine disruptor, it may lead to antibiotic resistance, and that it’s toxic to aquatic life.

4. Watch out for chemicals in cans. Did you know that most canned foods (including liquid baby formula) use a liner that contains BPA, a toxic chemical that can leach into food? Our suggestion: opt for fresh or frozen whenever possible. Not only are they BPA-free—you’ll also get more nutrients!

Dryer Balls5.Ditch the dryer sheets. Dryer sheets may contain higher levels of phthalates than any other product in your home. And they usually end up in a landfill after just one use! Cut back on wrinkles, static as well as dryer time with our Fluff & Tumble Dryer Balls, made of 100% pure wool.

More Tips:
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Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
6 years ago

Great tips!! My favorite change is using Norwex for my windows!