Welcome to the Norwex Movement

Welcome to the New Norwex RACE Website!

Welcome to the new Norwex RACE Website

Norwex RACE – The Relaunch

RACE was created by Norwex to promote global awareness of the impact that chemicals have on our environment and in our homes, and the steps we can take individually and collectively to radically reduce chemicals in our homes.

This month, we’ve relaunched our RACE website in order to focus on the Norwex Movement and to help build our community of like-minded people as we gather, learn and share information about the harmful effects of chemicals in our bodies and on our planet.

As a member of our ever-expanding community, you’ll find some incredible tools that will help you learn about some of the environmental issues that affect us all, and that will hopefully inspire you to take action and contribute to our collective eco-friendly goals.

On the RACE site you will discover:

As you navigate the RACE website, your actions will contribute to our community’s charitable goal. How does this work? Every time you “like” a blog, comment on a blog, take a quiz or watch a video, you will earn points and badges.

The badges are just for fun, but your points will go toward our goal to donate to the Washed Ashore project! For more information, check them out at www.washedashore.org or on our site at www.norwexrace.com/partnerships.

The great thing about our community goal is that you are helping to educate others about the impact plastics have on marine life and global pollution, by doing something as simple as reading a blog!

So, thank you for your support and make sure to visit www.NorwexRace.com to learn more. With your help, we can truly make a difference!

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Deborah Fox
Deborah Fox(@debbie)
6 years ago

Since reading and learning via this medium I find that I am examining the choices I make daily, almost unconsciously, for better and responsible options.

TK - Admin
TK - Admin(@teresa-kulupka)
6 years ago

Deborah so glad we’re making you think about making changes! keep coming back!

Linda Gilbert
Linda Gilbert(@sunflower)
6 years ago

Thank you Amy and team for this awesome new tool!

Ruthann Hendrickson
Ruthann Hendrickson(@ruthykay)
6 years ago

I’m loving this site! So much good information. I’ll be sharing with everyone I know!

Britty Willard
Britty Willard(@cleanwithpurposegmail-com)
6 years ago

I am LOVING the Movement. This is a great way to teach and reach more people!

Nikki Karbon
Nikki Karbon(@nkarbon)
6 years ago

I LOVE everything about this website. Awesome information!

Gwen McGlaun
Gwen McGlaun(@gwenmcglaun)
6 years ago

Fantastic. Loving the revamp. My “Norwexians” are enjoying earning points towards a great cause!

Sarah Barry
Sarah Barry(@duke)
6 years ago

How awesome is this new website!

Christina Meekins
Christina Meekins(@cmeekins03)
6 years ago

I like that there are resources in this article which can be found on the Norwex Race website to other environmentally friendly sites. I am going to be helping at our school with an idea that I found on EPA Kids. I am hopeful it will help them understand truly how much waste we produce on a daily basis so we can train them to make different choices.

TK - Admin
TK - Admin(@teresa-kulupka)
6 years ago

So glad to hear you’re finding our resources helpful. Let us know how it goes at school!