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Norwex Expands Its Mission and Launches New Logo


Norwex Expands Its Mission and Launches New Logo

Norwex is building a powerful movement as we actively take responsibility for radically reducing chemicals. At our 20th Anniversary National Conference, we unveiled our new logo and updated Mission statement, we also introduced our Fall lineup of new products, to support our mission, all designed to help the Norwex Family create safe havens throughout the home!

Our new logo visually represents the components of our Mission:

  • The water droplet is natural and pure and represents cleaning with only water.
  • The house represents a Norwex home, which is a safe haven from chemicals.
  • The leaf symbolizes the strong ecological and sustainable message that our Norwex Family of Consultants spreads worldwide.
  • The circle around the house symbolizes protection of the home.

Our new logo and Mission statement ultimately reflect what Norwex Consultants have known all along: That the entire home should be as safe as possible from the harmful effects of chemicals. More than just personal care and cleaning products, Norwex is researching and designing products for use throughout the home that will reduce the impact of harmful chemicals, and create safer havens for us all.

See all the great new Fall products designed to help your home become a safer haven at Norwex.biz.

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Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
4 years ago

I had no idea the logo was so symbolic!!! I love it! <3

Samantha Yule
Samantha Yule
3 years ago

Love the new logo!