Leadership Conference 2018!

Norwex Consultants Love the Products, Live the Mission, Lead the Way!

Recently, Norwex Leaders from across North America excitedly gathered in Dallas, Texas, for our annual three-day Leadership Conference. What exactly is Leadership Conference?

  • Leadership Conference is where Norwex business-builders can learn more about reducing chemicals in their homes and living more sustainably—and teach others how to also.
  • Leadership Conference is where Consultant Leaders can learn more about chemicals of concern that can sneak into homes unannounced—and how to deny them access.
  • Here, Norwex Leaders are privileged to be the first to see new Norwex products designed to help turn every home into a safer haven.
  • Norwex Leaders can also visit the Movement booth to test their knowledge, pick up great tools for sharing (like our new 5 Cs bookmark), and talk face-to-face with Norwex Home Office staff as well as other Leaders about how Norwex Movement can help grow their businesses.

To sum it up, Leadership Conference 2018 was all about Norwex team-builders helping to change the world by loving the products, living the mission and leading the way!

  • US Home Office staff members
    US Home Office staff members Kristina Rattliff and Ceze Darling mix knowledge with fun at the Norwex Movement booth!
comment_2Have you ever attended a Norwex Conference or event—either as a Consultant or a guest? We’d love to hear about your experience! Just drop us a line in the comments below.
Have you discovered tools like our new 5 Cs bookmark that can help you teach others about chemicals of concern? Check out our Resources page for bookmarks, game pieces and handouts you can use to help create safer havens!
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