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Sleek or Trashy? Furniture Made from Discards

Sleek or Trashy? Furniture Made from Discards

Creating Beauty and Function through Repurposed Materials

Would you buy furniture created from old DVDs, cracked smartphone screens, used aluminum cans or plastic bottles? What about glassware, pillows or even wallets? Pentatonic is hoping you will. This furniture and homegoods company is “turning problems into opportunities; landfill into lifestyle; trash into treasure,” according to the company’s website. It uses the world’s most abundant resource, trash, to create tables, chairs, glassware and fabric for home or office.

Pentatonic Furniture

Pentatonic makes furniture out of old DVDs, smartphone screens, and plastic bottles.

Posted by Green Matters on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

comment_2What do you think about this type of furniture? Would you buy it for your home or perhaps an office? Leave us your comments below.


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Dianne Miller
Dianne Miller(@diannemiller16)
4 years ago

Absolutely! We need more companies doing this

Lori Taylor
Lori Taylor(@lltembarqmail-com)
4 years ago

What a GREAT idea in recycling our waste…and I love the fact that it truly is SLEEK!

Teresa Miller
Teresa Miller(@mycleanhealthyhome)
4 years ago

Great idea!

4 years ago

Recycling is crucial to the future of our environment ! I absolutely love this.

Judy Gistinger
Judy Gistinger(@judygistinger-yahoo-com)
4 years ago

just wish that I personally had the tools and know how to make more of my own!

Leigh-Ann Ross
Leigh-Ann Ross(@leighannross)
4 years ago

Great idea! I love seeing all the creative ways people can recycle to produce new and useful products!

Cindy Cohen
Cindy Cohen(@mrschc)
4 years ago

Great book to read and do was Trash to Treasures back in the ’80s. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Now if we could get companies to make things to last a long time again we would be in business! >^,,^<

Lia Thompson
Lia Thompson(@liashine)
4 years ago

Just found this company on Facebook. Another great company. Wish I had money to buy all these wonderful products https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1141148102693440&id=865021716972748