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Chemical-Free Zone Contest: Day 1 Winners!


RACE_NorwexChemicalFreeZone_Logo-110x110Chemical-Free Zone Contest: Day 1 Winners!

We have had overwhelming response to our Chemical-Free Zone contest with entries pouring in from all over the world! We’re proud to announce our Chemical-Free Zone Day 1 Contest Winners of the Let’s Do Laundry pack!

Meet our winners below and see their winning entries, and KEEP posting those pictures on our Chemical-Free Zone Contest page, we have 4 more days of winners to come!



Christina Boyd of Virginia
Tip of the iceberg
“One of my customers took a photo of everything she was throwing away and no longer has a need for because of her Norwex purchases. She teaches fitness to older folks and feels strongly about reducing your risk of cancer and illness by eliminating chemicals that are not necessary for a clean and healthy home. She’s the one that actually inspired me to get under my kitchen sink and get rid of what I have no plans of using ever again. I am so pleased with my healthier (CLEANER!) home and the fact that I will save money never needing to buy these things again.”
Jennifer Crisby of Alberta
My June Resolution
“I replaced Windex, VIM, Lysol wipes and many other products with Norwex. I plan to keep my home a chemical free environment. I love that there are only a handful of things that I need to keep my home sparkling clean. Thanks Norwex!!!”
Lindsey Nauta of Michigan
Poison in disquise
“Don’t let their brightly colored bottles fool you, they mean DANGER to me now that I know what is in them! #partofthesolution #protectmyfamily”
Shirley Rempel of Alberta
Norwex Independent Sales Consultant
“Chemicals Bye-Bye! I joined Norwex in June 2013 and it took me almost a year, but I realized I was never going back to any of the chemical products that I had stored in three bathrooms, and under the kitchen sink. So here is a picture of all the Bad Boys, that had to go . . .”


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Gingi Freeman
Gingi Freeman
4 years ago

I wish I had taken a picture of all the product I tossed! It filled a whole large trash bag!